Unique Steam Traps in Petrochem - Case Study

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Courtesy of Delta Steam Systems

Engen’s refinery in Durban, South Africa was approached by Delta Steam Systems in 2012 with a proposal to replace all steam traps in the refinery.

With a nameplate capacity of 135,000 barrels per day, the refinery produces approximately 40 tons of product per hour, totaling 320,000 liters per day. When first approached by Delta Steam Systems, the refinery was experiencing massive steam leakage resulting in water losses, excessive use of fuels for boilers, wastage of water treatment chemicals and ongoing maintenance of failing steam traps. Traditional mechanical steam traps from the major manufacturers (Spirax-Sarco and Armstrong) were failing at a rapid pace. Engen was looking for solutions that would save energy and ongoing operational expenses. 

Recognizing that replacing all steam traps in the refinery would be a massive effort, Delta Steam Systems offered a staged program of steam trap survey and complete steam trap documentation across various sections of the refinery on a monthly basis to identify key problem areas for immediate steam trap replacement. After each survey, Engen Petroleum’s staff verified the findings. The cost of the surveys was built into the price of the new Delta Venturi Steam Traps.

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