University of California San Diego San Diego, California


Courtesy of Kyocera Solar, Inc.

“The benefits of this type of sweeping project are far-reaching and long-lasting, and Borrego is proud to take part in this monumental effort by installing a solar energy system that will ensure the consistent production of renewable energy for years to come.” Aaron Hall, CEO of Borrego Solar Systems, Inc.

Unique Feature: The Solar Trees™ serve as a solar parking structure or carport.

Date Completed: September 2008
Designer/Installer: Borrego Solar Systems Envision Solar

System Specifications
  • System Size: 1,186.95 kW
  • Estimated Yearly Power Production: 1.8 million kWh/year
  • System Configuration
    • Utility Interaction: Grid Connected
    • Solar Modules: 5,790 Kyocera
    • Inverters: 7 SMA 5kV inverters;15 SMA 7kV inverters; 6 Xantrex GT100480 100kW 480 volt 3 phase inverters; 1 Xantrex GT250480 250kW 480 volt 3 phase inverter
    • Batteries: None
    • Charge Controllers: None
  • Mount Structure: UNIRAC Solar Trees™ by Envision Solar

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