Asia-Pacific Partnership on Clean Development and Climate

US$7m APP Mega Solar Project

In this project Partners aim to create a landmark endorsement project, the “Asia-Pacific Partnership Mega Solar Project.” This project aims to install megawatt scale (MW) solar PV units at a number of locations across Korea through a series of financed, managed, and delivered projects. Australia’s BP Solar will leverage its presence and experience in five of the Partner countries to contribute to the Partnership’s goal to accelerate uptake of renewable energy and distributed generation. Korea’s S-Energy will bring local expertise and the project will also seek the participation of the emerging Korean PV manufacturing industry to assist in technology transfer and to accelerate development. The project is scalable from 10MW to 100MW over a multiyear period. As a distributed generator this solar project will bring value to the electricity network and local economy across the country, in addition to the valuable technology transfer. The project aspires to generate 120GWh/year of clean electricity, power 20,000 Korean homes, avoid 120,000 tonnes of CO2/year and 25MW of network peak upgrades, and create new skilled installation and manufacturing jobs.

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