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Usages of free-flow hydraulic turbines and boosting their energy efficiency

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The article analyses engineering solutions of free-flow hydraulic turbines and ways of making them more energy efficient through application of the hydrodynamic effect of boosting the flow power.


energy; energy efficiency; capacity; power; turbine; free-flow; flow; water wheel; depth; hydrodynamic; effect; feedback; hydraulic jump


The issue of using energy resources efficiently and of increasing the share of ecologically clean renewable energy sources in energy production is growing more urgent with the depletion of fossil fuel reserves. In this connection, measures to introduce innovative solutions and technology allowing a more efficient use of resources, in particular, of hydro-energy potential, are timely, and the development of small-scale hydro power engineering is a pressing matter.

The development of micro hydropower stations based on free-flow turbines using water flow energy without building dams or reservoirs is one area of this energy sector.

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