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Valuation of urban sustainability and building energy efficiency: a case study

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The general objective of the research is to set up a strategy of sustainable conservation at two levels: at city level, to conceive and plan interventions at block, street, neighbourhood scale; at building level to propose and design specific conservation and enhancement interventions that pay particular attention to the ecological and energy dimensions. Specific objective of the research is to build up a prototype of decision support system (DSS) including a general valuation system (GVS or SGV), aiming to support planning and design of building sustainable conservation and to make possible its subsequent generalisation at city level. The proposed prototype structure is based upon powerful GIS tools, which coordinate allied software for both energy management and cost estimate as well as for life-cycle valuation of conservation and energy optimisation interventions.

Keywords: valuation, urban sustainable conservation, green building, energy efficiency, energy districts, decision support systems, DSS, general valuation systems, GVS, urban sustainability, sustainable development, urban development, urban design, GIS, geographic information systems, energy management, cost estimation

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