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What are the Bright and Down Sides of Sand Dryer?


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Sand roasting machine is also named as yellow sand roasting machine, it is a sort of dryer that can handle a large amount of materials. Owing to the reliable operation, flexible manipulation, large capacity, excellent adaptation of the machine, it is widely used in construction industry, metallurgical industry, mining industry, food industry etc.

There are many heating ways for sand drying machine such as: coal, steam, electricity industry, currently in the market coal is commonly used as fuel, the reason is that the coal purchase cost is low, the transportation is convenient, which is able to meet the daily drying requirement. But compared with other heating methods, the drying efficiency is still relatively low, particularly compared and industrial electricity.

The electric heating sand drying machine factories are generally located in the power plant, or their own factory electricity, more convenient, and the supply is relatively sufficient. Under such conditions it can use electricity as the sand dryer heat supply. What are the advantages and disadvantages?

Advantages of industrial electric heating sand drying machine:

The electricity as the heat supply, can greatly improve the drying efficiency, compared with other fuels, it can make the sand material dried in more time, it will also increase the yield, improve the economic benefit of the manufacturers. And it also can reduce the pollution effectively, make the whole drying site clean, also plays a protective role in the health of the operators.

The disadvantage of industrial electric heating sand dryer:

The main drawback is the high cost of electricity as a heat source, generally manufacturers cannot afford it, it is also subjected to certain restrictions, it must ensure adequate power, continuous supply for use. Another is that if electricity is used as heat source, it calls for special link mode to turn the electrical energy into heat energy, to achieve the purpose of drying materials inside the host.

Industrial electric heating drying machine has one requirement on the type of sand dryer, the general single cylinder drying machine is not suitable, and now new sand drying machine is proper, you can come to visit our production base.

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