Wind in power 2014 European Statistics


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Wind power capacity installations

During 2014, 12,819.6 MW of wind power was installed across Europe, of which 11,791.4 MW was in the European Union.

Of the capacity installed in the EU, 10,308.1 MW was onshore and 1,483.3 MW offshore. In 2014, the annual onshore market increased in the EU by 5.3%, and offshore installations decreased by 5.3% compared to 2013. Overall, EU wind energy annual installations increased by 3.8% compared to 2013 installations.

Investment in EU wind farms was between €13.1bn and €18.7bn. Onshore wind farms attracted around €8.9bn to €12.8bn, while offshore wind farms accounted for €4.2bn to €5.9bn. In terms of annual installations, Germany was the largest market in 2014, installing 5,279.2 MW of new capacity, 528.9 MW of which (10% of total capacity installed in Germany) offshore. The UK came in second with 1,736.4 MW, 813.4 MW of which (46.8%) offshore, followed by Sweden with 1,050.2 MW and France with 1,042 MW. The next countries are significantly behind: Poland with 444.3 MW and Austria with 411.2 MW. The emerging markets of Central and Eastern EU installed 838 MW, 7.1% of total installations. In 2014, these countries represented a smaller share of the total EU market than in 2013 (16%). That is due to retroactive legislative changes in Romania and uncertainty on the impact of the Renewable Energy Sources Act on the support system and renewable energy market in Poland. 

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