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Wind power generation in China: present status and future prospects

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With the rapid economic development and huge amount of population, China is becoming one of the largest energy consumption countries in the world. This results in a heavy pressure on electricity supply in China. The potential wind energy storage is very large in China due to its large territory and nature conditions. Considering the energy-saving and environment factors, wind power, with its clean and renewable characteristic, has become a high priority of energy development in Chinese central government. Although China's wind power industry has achieved great achievements in the past 20 years, both opportunities and challenges coexist for the future development. Currently, the Chinese government is actively making relevant policies to guide wind power development moving toward a beneficial business and to promote the localisation of wind turbine generator manufacturing so as to reduce costs. Wind power is a new investment business around the globe as an alternative of traditional energy; China has also actively taken part in this worldwide trend. It is anticipated that by grasping the chance and speeding up the development, the future of wind energy in China is promising.

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