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Window Film independently proven to save energy by top University - case study


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Location: Padua, Italy
Problem: Heat, Glare, Energy Efficiency
Product: LLumar Helios RHE20 SI ER HPR


Despite modern glazing and cooling systems, the MG Tower of the University of Padua, Italy,  suffered from excess heat gain, resulting in high energy consumption. In addition, cooling capacity was often not sufficient and the installation of additional cooling capacity would have led to even higher energy costs.

After consultation with the manufacturer’s Energy Solutions experts the building owner selected LLumar Helios RHE20 SI ER HPR, an exterior grade, high durability window film designed specifically for energy savings.

RHE20 SI ER HPR significantly improved the solar control properties of the existing glazing, increasing the solar energy rejected by the glazing from 57% to 85%. This reduced the demand on cooling systems and associated energy consumption and costs.

In order to determine the resultant reduction in energy use, energy costs, and CO2 emissions the research team conducted 450 days on site monitoring, and collected and analysed 3 years of energy and local weather data

The study showed that despite the presence of modern solar control glazing, LLumar window film reduced the energy consumption of the air conditioning system by over 40 %, giving a payback of less than 4 years. RHE20 SI ER HPR also reduced CO2 emissions by 25 %, resulting in a saving of over four hundred tonnes CO2 over its lifetime. The alternative option of upgrading the air conditioning system was shown to be less economically useful. Energy savings were determined using internationally recognised software, standards and procedures, proving the performance of Solutia’s products.

Key Benefits

  • Payback of 3.9 years
  • Cooling costs reduced by 42%
  • CO2 emissions reduction of 25% (according to European standard EN 15683)
  • Costly cooling system upgrade eliminated – solar control film shown to be more cost effective than additional cooling capacity

Independent Verification

This case study showcases findings of the Padua Energy Study; an independent study conducted by experts from the world renowned University of Padua. Founded in 1222, the University is one of the oldest in the world and has been home to many of the world’s greatest thinkers and scientists, including Galileo. The study is the most comprehensive independent assessment ever conducted by the window film industry.

This unique study, taking three years to complete, assessed energy consumption, CO2 emissions, thermal comfort, lighting and glare. The building selected for the study was the MG Tower, a modern office building location in Padua, Italy (near to Venice). The effectiveness of LLumar Window Film as an energy efficiency measure was confirmed by a payback of less than 4 years. The research team also considered whether a better option would be to add more cooling capacity rather than install window film.

LLumar AFC

The LLumar AFC Program is a network of accredited installers and dealers throughout Europe. Promoting a combination of best practice with unrivalled product performance, an AFC Dealer is an ideal partner for your window film installation.

ARC Window Films are a fully accredited installer of LLumar Products and install throughout the UK.

Energy Analysis Services

The potential energy savings of Window Film depends on many factors, including:

  • Building design, construction, and size
  • Type and size of the current glazing
  • Current air conditioning systems
  • Geographical location, direction and surrounding environment
  • Local weather conditions and climate

Our industry leading EFilm software uses these factors along with film choice to forecast the achievable energy savings. Payback is typically between 2-5 years in commercial applications, however when you take into account additional factors such as the effect of improving thermal comfort and subsequently worker productivity - you begin to achieve quite a substantial return on investment.

Why not take advantage of our Energy Analysis Service to find out how much energy could be saved by installing Window Film to your glazing?

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