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Biogas Plants equipment for Bioenergy

  • Biogas Facilities

    Biogas is an important energy source for the future and can be used for generating electricity and heat. The use of renewable energy sources makes sence in an economic and ecological way and also brings farmers an additional source of income.

    By Wolf System GmbH based in Osterhofen, GERMANY. from Biogas Facilities Product line

  • ECOS - Exchange Turbocharger

    We extend our exchange programme and now offer our new ECOS Exchange Turbochargers. With these components we also ensure shortengine downtimes and therefore minimized breakdown costs – as you already have experienced! Independent from the brand our ECOS Exchange Turbochargers allow most reliable operation of your engine. This is essential ...

    By Wulf Johannsen KG GmbH & Co. based in Kiel-Wellsee, GERMANY. from Exchange Turbocharger Product line

  • German Academy for Renewable Energy and Environmen - Biogas Plant Training Course

    15-19 September 2014 – Bad Hersfeld (Germany) Content This Biogas Plants course will consist of a theoretical aspect which includes lectures, presentations, and exercises mixed with a practical aspect where participants will have the chance to take part in a sight tour of a German biogas plant. These activities provide participants the opportunity ...

  • Radial Blowers

    Independent of the fill level of the tank, a centrifugal blower provides for a constant working pressure between the lower and upper membrane and concomitantly creates constant conditions for a stable operating system. Based on the technical specification of the biogas plant, we can recommend the optimal blower system.

    By Pro-Eco B.V. based in Overdinkel, NETHERLANDS.

  • Model BIOWATCH - Biogas Plant Management System

    BIOWATCH is an integral scalable management system that takes care of allmeasuring, controlling and management functions. It is equipped with a control and monitoring unit for the efficient automation, supervision and operation of the biogas plant. Both the Visu L and the Visu XL options include an operator‘s log that automatically documents ...

  • Hopper Conveyors

    With a usable width of up to 3.10 m, an even higher filling volume can be achieved because of the short construction length. The bin floor is designed as a chain conveyor. Continuous removal of the materials is possible through adjustable belt speeds. Various materials can be removed continuously by specifically matched removal aids. (recovered ...

    By Europress Lathen - Anlagen-und Maschinenbau GmbH based in Lathen, GERMANY. from Hopper Conveyors Product line

  • X-chopper - Biogas Plant Biomass Chopper

    Xergi has developed and patented the technology X-chopper®, which provides new opportunities for using biomass with a high energy content not previously treatable in a biogas plant.

    By Xergi A/S based in Denmark, DENMARK. from Biogas Plant Biomass Chopper Product line

  • Biospark: Green Technology

    The biogas plants are subjected to constant stress due to working conditions, variability and the aggressiveness of the pollutants present in the fuel and the constant changing of environmental conditions. In order to ensure a stable and high performance it is necessary that the machine is made of cogeneration best technologies, supported by a ...

    By Spark Energy srl based in Possagno, ITALY.

  • agriSelect - Systematic Biogas Plant

    For 100% slurry, or slurry/manure and solids: The basic technical model and a large selection of additional packages make up the plant - suitable for your business! The speciality: brand components, intelligently arranged and flexibly combined – if you wish, with your own contribution to the construction. The compact biogas plant agriSelect ...

    By agriKomp GmbH based in Merkendorf, GERMANY. from Systematic Biogas Plant Product line

  • Biogas Plants

    Production of renewable energy biogas can be widely used as an energy source (compare Kyoto, European targets for renewable energy,…). Saved emissions of odour, VOC (volatile organic compounds) and CO2 untreated residues produce significant emission digestion process is completely closed (gastight)!. Closed cycle of nutrients only ...

    By n-bio GmbH based in Konstanz, GERMANY.

  • Auto-Production Power Station

    Auto-production power station: energy has its own Classics. The auto-production power stations are part of Spark Energy history, they were produced since 1988 and still today represents the state of the art in technology. The quality and product performance allowed the autoproduction power station Spark Energy to be recognized at a worldwide level ...

    By Spark Energy srl based in Possagno, ITALY.

  • Process Control System

    The opportunities for increasing biogas production through targeted manipulation within the biogas process are developing rapidly. An intelligent Process Control System for biogas plants is the key to turbocharged profitability. With the Process Control System (PCS) for biogas plants specially developed by ÖKOBIT, we actively help operators ...

    By ÖKOBiT GmbH based in Föhren, GERMANY.

  • Puxin Biogas Plant

    Introduction of Puxin family size and medium size biogas systemPuxin family size biogas system is mainly applied to farmer’s home. The family size biogas system is composed of a 6 or 10 m3 biogas plant , the pipe system, the gas purify system and the appliances or electricity generator. Puxin medium size biogas system is mainly applied for small ...

    By Shenzhen Puxin Science & Technology Co.,LTD based in Shenzhen, CHINA.

  • HoMethan - Smallest Scaled Biogas Plant

    HoMethan is our Small Biogas Plant Solution for treating organic waste materials and use biogas as energy source in remote areas. HoMethan helps to provide security of energy supply and reduces dependency on expensive fossil fuels like LPG and Diesel. It‘s designed for small farms, farming households, cooperatives, dairies, pig farming, ...

    By ÖKOBiT GmbH based in Föhren, GERMANY. from Smallest Scaled Biogas Plant Product line

  • ÖKOBIT - Customized Biogas Plants With Highest Capacity

    ÖKOBIT biogas plants meet the highest technical standards. Hardly surprising, given that the biogas technology incorporates a decade of biogas experience and the passion of our engineers.

    By ÖKOBiT GmbH based in Föhren, GERMANY. from Customized Biogas Plants With Highest Capacity Product line

  • Industrial Biogas Plants

    Biogas plants for the processing of organic waste from gastronomy, markets and the food industry differ from agricultural plants in complexity of the process technology and material requirements concerning protection from corrosion and impurities in the substrates.

    By farmatic tank systems based in Nortorf, GERMANY. from Industrial Biogas Plants Product line

  • MBP - Biogas Feedstock

    MBP provides a range of substrates for biogas processing plants, also known as anaerobic digestion plants. The substrates originate from food/feed- or oleo chemical producers where they are generated as inevitable by-products. At MBP we ensure that these products are analyzed and then registered for use in biogas plants. We calculate the gas ...

    By MBP Trading SA based in Neuchâtel, SWITZERLAND.

  • Biogas Plant

    A biogas plant optimises the utilisation of manure, waste and other organic feedstock by converting the biomasses into energy and valuable bio-fertiliser. Based on more than 30 years' experience Xergi has developed a plant design which ensures a high level of flexibility, a high level of biogas energy production and a stable operation without ...

    By Xergi A/S based in Denmark, DENMARK.

  • Schwarting Biosystem - Biogas Plants

    In biogas plants, microorganisms convert liquid manure and agricultural biomass into biogas which is used for the generation of valuable regenerative power and heat. This energy is completely CO2-neutral since the same amount of CO2 is generated during burning as was absorbed during plant growth.

    By Schwarting-Biosystem GmbH based in Flensburg, GERMANY.

  • Biogas Mounting

    After ascertaining the optimum location for your biogas plant regarding grid connection and in consideration of the economic use of the local resources, the building phase can be started once the energy provider has consented to our assessment of the best feed-in point to the grid.

    By M. Münch Elektrotechnik GmbH & Co. KG based in Weißenbrunn, GERMANY.

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