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Biogas Production equipment for Bioenergy

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    Biogas from Food Waste Cogeneration / CHP

    Disposal and treatment of biological waste represent a major challenge for the waste industry. For a wide range of organic substances from agriculture, foodstuff of feed industries, anaerobic digestion is a superior alternative to composting. Biogas – a mixture of both methane and carbon dioxide – is created during anaerobic digestion ...

    By Clarke Energy based in Liverpool, UNITED KINGDOM. from Biogas from Food Waste Cogeneration / CHP Product line

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    BIOPAQ - Model UASBplus - Anaerobic COD Removal And Biogas Production

    As the focus on water recycling increases, Paques anticipates demands for treating wastewater with higher COD levels, a trend already visible in the food and bio-ethanol industries. The BIOPAQ UASB+ technology has been designed for this specific development.

    By Paques B.V. based in EL Balk, NETHERLANDS. from Anaerobic COD Removal And Biogas Production Product line

  • Gasometer

    Manufactured with flexible composite materials, assembled by high frequency welding, the BSDV gasometers are a fusion of the best developed technologies available on the market of gas stockpiling. The gasometer permits the in time production uniformity and the stockpiling of biogas for valorization.

    By Biogaz System Depollution Valorisation (BSDV) based in Sancé, FRANCE.

  • BIOaccelerator - Extruders

    The BIOaccelerators is an extruder which optimizes the input substrate breakdown through defibration in order to achieve a higher biogas yield. New substrate can thus be added faster to the fermentation process. Through a thermo-mechanical treatment of the substrate by means of two juxtaposed, interlocking screws, the input material is ...

    By TS energy Group Srl/GmbH based in Lorenznerstr, ITALY. from Extruders Product line

  • Lutos - Specialized Blowers

    Special blowers vary in design, parts material, connections, the direction of air flow or they are used for other gases and mixtures. Their design meets non-standard customer requirements in projects where the use of the basic range is not possible. One of the most common application for special blowers is biogas. Production, purification and ...

    By LUTOS based in Lubenec, CZECH REPUBLIC.

  • Biogasmart - Biogas Storage

    ECOMEMBRANE has been working from 2000 in the environmental field and in the green energy production. The core business is related to the project and production of high tech components for the biogas powered plants. The factory, with his unique production system lines that work special plastic membranes, builds anaerobic digesters cover domes and ...

    By Biogasmart based in Gadesco Pieve Delmona, ITALY.

  • Biogas Process Technology

    In the biogas process the used raw materials are being decomposed step by step into simpler compounds using a multistage microbiological process. The strictly anaerobic living methane bacteria are placed at the end of the decomposition process. The methane is a left over from their metabolism as a waste material. The first two stages pre-digest ...

    By Bionova Biogas GmbH based in Königs Wusterhausen, GERMANY.

  • Enmech - Biogas Products

    Enmech Biogas Products:-Biogas Blowers (Side channel Blowers & Lobes Blowers)Biogas FlaresBiogas BurnersBiogas DryersFlame ArrestersWater Separators

    By Environmech Sdn Bhd based in Balakong, MALAYSIA.

  • Biopract Improving Processes for Bioenergy

    The improvement of the entire biogas process technology, in particular the optimization of the fermenter biology has become a center piece of our work. Today, the parameters for process efficiency – most evident in terms of long residence times and low dry matter concentrations in the fermenter – indicate that biotechnological process ...

    By Biopract GmbH based in Delft, NETHERLANDS. from Biopract Improving Processes for Bioenergy Product line

  • BC.Concept - For Optimal Exploitation of Renewable Raw Materials

    Stabilisation of the breakdown process: Activation of the methanogenic organisms in the fermenter, Synchronisation of the individual steps in biogas production, Long-term increase in the fermenter performance, Maximisation of the methane yield, Increase in the company profits.

  • Cogeneration and Trigeneration Power Plants

    Cogeneration and trigeneration power plants with 0.4 MW to 1 MW of power. Cogeneration is the technological process of producing electrical energy and  heat energy at the same time. Trigeneration is the technological process of simultaneously producing electrical energy, heat energy, and coldness, in the form of so-called ”chilled ...

    By H.Cegielski - Poznań S.A. based in Poznań, POLAND. from Cogeneration and Trigeneration Power Plants Product line

  • MULTIMix - liquid Input System

    When using grass silage, whole-plant silage and manure for biogas production, it causes problems with the entry. In addition, contaminants such as stones or metals often enter the entry system, which can damage components. With the MULTIMix, WELTEC BIOPOWER offers a unique system which removes foreign materials prior to to being conveyed to the ...

    By Weltec Biopower GmbH based in Vechta, GERMANY. from liquid Input System Product line

  • Citadel BioCat+ - Biogas Plants

    Citadel Biocat+ is now operational at 25 AD plants in 10 countries - Germany, Austria, India, Switzerland, Belgium, Finland, Slovenia, Neteherlands, Czech Republic and the UK. Licensees in each country are currently sharing the benefits of the brand with operators of the plants. The benefits include increasing biogas production whilst ...

    By Citadel Environmental Solutions based in Chippenham, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Mixers

    We have developed several kind of mixers for the bio digestion industry. Depending on the type of waste you want to mix, we can advise you a type of mixer. We have special made mixers for bio digestors as well as mixers for inside tanks.

    By Maris Projects B.V. based in Schijndel, NETHERLANDS. from Mixers Product line

  • Model CH4 - Methanisation

    CH4 Methanisation, is a specific range designed to optimize methanisation process and increase biogas production potential. We focus our support to your bio methanisation installation needs.

    By Xurian Environnement based in BEZIERS, FRANCE. from Methanisation Product line

  • Bio-Extrusion Plant

    The disintegration process Bioextrusionwas developed by us and is based on hydrothermal (thermo-mechanical) disintegration and has proven its worth for material and energetic usage of fiber plants. During the process the substrate is decomposed into its cell structure by a double-screw extruder with pressure with that high temperature and  ...

    By LEHMANN Maschinenbau GmbH based in Pöhl, GERMANY. from Bio-Extrusion Plant Product line

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