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Clean Utilization of Coal

There are three options available for obtaining a clean energy system: clean the fuel; clean the processes; or clean the products. All of these methods are reviewed in Clean Utilization of Coal, which is divided into six parts: I. Structure and Activity of Coal; II. Factors Effecting Environmental Balance; III. Pre-Usage Cleaning Operations and Processes; IV. Upgrading of Coal Liquids and Gases; V. Oxygen Enriched Processes; and VI. Probable Future Solutions for Energy and Polution Problems. While it is true that contemporary science and technology are both robust enough to deal with the problems and to produce solutions to the use of clean fuels in clean processes, economics is less strong, very often unclear, with uncertainty about prices making comparisons difficult. Furthermore, what may be appropriate for one country may be wrong for another. The interdisciplinary nature of these problems demands attack on a broad front, and considerable exchange of ideas and expertise. Clean Utilization of Coal represents just such an interchange, and will appeal to all those involved in the efficient use of energy, leading to lower usage and less environmental damage throughout the whole chain from winning the material to disposal of the combustion products.
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