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CPS Today Markets Reports Series 2015


One report for each of the CSP markets with highest growth potential: India, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, the UAE, the USA and Chile. Get a qualified assessment of the key opportunities and pitfalls in each market and utilize effectively the abundance of market information available to generate strategic knowledge that enables you to make informed decisions and develop a strong business strategy that drives the growth of your CSP activity in the most profitable markets. Get a complete insight into key drivers and barriers, CSP regulatory frameworks and project pipelines to help you form a clear business strategy. Assess the potential for CSP deployment globally as well as in each specific market and find out projected installed CSP capacity within the next ten years to position your business ahead of the curve. Find out who the key local stakeholders are, including government players and major financing bodies as well as developers, EPCs and component suppliers.

Features And Benefits Of These Reports

The Markets Reports Series 2015 is a concise and to-the-point analysis that helps you navigate each CSP market by synthetizing the overload of information available in a brief strategic summary that uses key metrics to allow for easier cross-market comparison and a long-term evaluation of the market potential.

  • CSP market status: In-depth interviews with 25+ key industry experts and developers active in the market analyzed
  • Pipeline: Making use of the CSP Today Global Tracker, all project data is industry validated and accurate as of August 2014, providing detailed information on projects announced, planned, in development, construction and operation
  • Ecosystem: Building upon CSP Today’s proprietary data and the knowledge of local authors and peer reviewers, the stakeholder map in each market has been outlined and reviewed by on-the-ground players active in the local CSP market. From government agencies, utilities and financing organizations, to local consultants and R&D bodies, developers, EPCs and suppliers, you will find a full guide of the key local players for each country that will ease your access to the market

CSP Today Scorecard:

Based on the score assigned to nine key indicators, the Scorecard analyses strengths and weaknesses of the market and evaluates its current potential and readiness for CSP. The nine key indicators taken into account in the Scorecard are:

  • Technical Market Potential
  • Renewable Energy Support
  • Ease of Finance
  • National CSP Targets
  • Permitting
  • Industry Readiness
  • Political and Economic Stability
  • Energy Sector
  • Project Pipeline

CSP Today Forecast:

The Forecast presents an overview of the future deployment of CSP in the global market as well as in the specific market analyzed leading up to 2025. Each market forecast includes three different scenarios: optimistic, conservative and pessimistic. Using up-to-date data from the CSP Today Global Tracker and insights from stakeholders on the expected installed CSP capacities, the forecast aims to enable an assessment of the longevity of the markets and the associated potential return on investments.

The approach used identifies parameters that affect each market in a specific way and parameters that have the same influence globally. These parameters are then grouped and categorised in five factors, namely Direct Global, Indirect Global, Direct Local, Indirect Local, and Decision Points (in direct competition with CSP) and scored specifically for each market.

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