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Parabolic Trough Report 2014: Cost, Performance and Thermal Storage


Parabolic Trough technology currently accounts for 95% of the global installed CSP share, totalling 2657 MW.  Market activity for the technology is set to proliferate into 19 markets - so arm yourself with the latest techno-economic analysis and inter-market benchmarking in the CSP Today Parabolic Trough Report 2014: Cost, Performance and Thermal Storage.

The report brings unprecedented clarity on Parabolic Trough technology across eight global markets enabling you to separate the fact from the hype.

Key reasons to buy this report:

  • Critical Market Specific Cost Data: Get up-to-date, industry validated cost breakdowns from CAPEX to OPEX in defined Parabolic Trough plants across eight markets (Chile, India, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, UAE, Spain and US)
  • Realistic LCOE Models: Determine the LCOE of Parabolic Trough technology by market, benchmark emerging CSP markets against the traditional key markets and identify the longitudinal trend with market specific LCOE forecasts
  • Energy Yield and Performance Output Data & Analysis: Identify the market-specific energy yield and performance characteristics, including solar field thermal output, online parasitics, net energy, total operating hours, solar-to-electricity efficiency and water consumption
  • The Evolution of Thermal Storage (TES): Use the global project pipeline to understand how TES is being increasingly incorporated into Parabolic Trough plants, and gain insight into the latest R&D initatives in TES tipped to reduce cost and optimize performance
  • Market Share of Parabolic Trough Technology: Strategize your investment in Parabolic Trough by understanding the long-term market share, growth and viability of this technology, including market-by-market pipelines and key comparisons with other CSP technologies

You can get a free 5 page extract on Parabolic Trough technology in Chile here

Get the data you need on the global prospects for Parabolic Trough technology

The internationalization of CSP has widely been tipped as a key route for the industry to secure the technology`s position as a competitive power generation source. The success of internationalizing Parabolic Trough technology will depend upon a greater degree of transparency surrounding market specific cost data.  

CSP Today’s Parabolic Trough Report 2014: Cost, Performance and Thermal Storage responds to the most critical needs of the CSP industry, representing 5 months of research (primary and secondary) and culminating in 188 pages of high-quality data and analysis, 95 figures and 80 tables.  

This is your opportunity to get an unprecedented level of detail on the prospects for Parabolic Trough technology - so download the sample pages and full list of contents today

Who needs this report

Whether you are a developer investing directly in CSP plants or a Component Supplier or Service Provider who needs to assess whether to invest in new manufacturing facilities, equipment or to hire more personnel, the CSP Today Parabolic Trough Report 2014: Cost, Performance and Thermal Storage will provide you with the data, insights and analysis you need to fine-tune your business plans and stay ahead of your competitors.

  • Suppliers, service providers and component providers - discover how much resource you should be committing to Parabolic Trough technology and where you should be focussing your market activity. Understand the growth trajectory of Parabolic Trough and how you can be best placed to compete for component supplied and services provided
  • Developers - this report will help you determine the ROI you expect from a Parabolic Trough plant across the markets set to dominate the CSP landscape in the near-to-mid future

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