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SIMAHPP - Hydropower projects feasibility simulator

SIMAHPP is a windows based software designed to simulate and assess the feasibility of hydropower projects, particularly for small-scale hydro projects with a capacity of up to 10 MW. It is a multi-site, multi-option simulator intended to solve a wide range of problems such as determining design flow to chose appropriate hydro turbine, optimized time of operation in a year so as to maximize the hydropower and thus increasing the annual energy production, determine the energy revenue, estimate investment as well as O&M costs based on empirical solutions using parameters from hundreds of small-scale projects, determine amortization rates, net annual incomes, payback periods, and indicates the quantity of carbon emission reduction potential if the planned hydropower project is to be operational. It also suggests the appropraite turbine types. SIMAHPP has simple to use and easy to understand graphical interface with four main program units: 1) Advanced File Manager, 2) Parameter Editors, 3
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Oct. 2007

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