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Zirconium in the Nuclear Industry: 12th International Symposium


44 papers discuss the history, processing, use, and properties of Zirconium and its alloys. Nearly half are concerned with the corrosion and hydriding of different Zirconium alloys. The techniques used to characterize the oxides and their microstructures and properties have become very advanced. The industry, including producers and users, expects that the work will lead to important conclusions about alloy development, optimization of the processing parameters, and station operating procedures so that the current and new Zirconium materials will continue to operate reliably to very high neutron fluences.

Seven major topics include:

• Properties at High Neutron Fluences

• Hydrogen and Temperature Effects

• Deformation and Fracture Studies

• Processing and Alloy Development

• Effect of Composition and Microstructure on Corrosion

• Corrosion Simulation and the Effect of the Environment

• Effects of Oxides on Oxidation and H Pickup Rates

Audience:Scientists and engineers involved in the production and properties of components for use in nuclear reactors, their behavior during service and the property changes that occur with increasing neutron fluences.

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