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  • Engineering

    Energy engineering solutions for industry Planning and development of biogas plants under special consideration of a suitable process for the biogas utilisation (gas engine, fuel cell, liquid fuel for vehicles, feed into a gas grid) Planning of pellets production plants Planning and development of biomass gasification plants with consideration of an optimised heat recovery for power production Planning of vegetable oil combustion plants (block heat and power plants) with downstream exhaust

  • Quality management for biomass heating plants

    Quality management for biomass heating plants

    Aims of QM for biomass heating plants The substantial aims of the QM system cover the professional design, planning and construction of the biomass plant and the district heating network. The most important quality aims are: reliable, low-maintenance operation high efficiency and low heat distribution losses low emissions at all boiler operating conditions precise control system adapted to different load conditions long-term profitability of the...

  • Plant monitoring

    Plant monitoring

    Plant monitoring is the detailed evaluation of the performance of overall plants as well as of single plant components. In biomass heating and biomass CHP plants as well as biogas plants monitoring represents an important basis for process optimisation, especially during the start up phase and the first year of operation but also as a basis for trouble shooting. At BIOS plant monitoring is generally based on three different approaches: - long term...