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  • Renewable Energies

  • RECon - Model GC - Generator Control Line Inverters

    RECon - Model GC - Generator Control Line Inverters

    The RECon-GC has been developed to allow the RECon line Inverters to work in parallel with one or more Emergency Generators when the main electrical grid is off. It is particularly efficient in those countries where power outages and/or programmed Load Shedding are very frequent and allows not only to save generator fuel and maintenance costs but also to have a higher power continuity and a better exploitation of the PV plant. The system measures the...

  • RECon - Model S1 - String Inverters

    RECon - Model S1 - String Inverters

    The “string inverters” have been developed to complete our range of products, granting a wide range of Inverters (from 2.5kW to 20kW). Our RECon S String Inverters are available in two different models Single Phase (S1) and Three Phase (S3). The RECon S Line has been especially designed mainly for commercial and residential use, both indoor and outdoor. The Inverters include a communication port RS485 Modbus and Bluetooth...

  • RECon - Model RST - Utility Scale Station

    RECon - Model RST - Utility Scale Station

    Concrete Monoblock Kiosk and Metal Container for Photovoltaic systems RECon Station (RST-xxx) is a monoblock kiosk made from vibrate reinforced concrete or metal container, designed to contain all the components necessary for the connection of photovoltaic systems to the Grid, up to 4,4 MWp. The RST represents a “plug & play” solution already assembled and tested in the factory. It is ready to be transported and installed on-site,...

  • Polysilicon Production

  • Model SPS-AC Line - High Power Converters

    Model SPS-AC Line - High Power Converters

    Founded in 1950 to design and manufacture High Power Converters, FRIEM continued to develop its know-how in energy conversion particularly for the electrochemical industry. Thanks to its experience, in 1984 FRIEM could start its first Power Supply for a PolySilicon CVD Reactor. Its vast knowledge in such a particular field and its capability of following the requests of continuous improvement coming from the market, drove FRIEM to develop the new...