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    Consulting, Support and Data Services for the Oil and Gas Sector

  • Process Optimization Services for Oil & Gas

    Process Optimization Services for Oil & Gas

    Automate and control your processes and uncover hidden potential; Inefficient processes cost time and money which is better spent elsewhere. Automating and controlling the logistics and business processes of downstream companies is our core expertise. We do this by combining industry know-how and decades of experience with powerful solutions and services.

  • SAP Consulting Services for Oil & Gas

    SAP Consulting Services for Oil & Gas

    Digital transformation with SAP: Transforming knowledge into value; Over 70 percent of the world‘s oil and gas companies use SAP. State-of-the-art technologies like SAP S/4HANA® – whether on-site or in the cloud – ensure optimum support for the digital transformation of downstream companies. Networking market participants and automating processes enables companies to transform knowledge into value.

  • Blueprinting Services for Oil & Gas

    Blueprinting Services for Oil & Gas

    Business blueprints lay the foundations to make oil & gas projects a success. The blueprinting phase is crucial to the success of the overall project. This phase sees the design of the standards and processes that are later put into practice in the implementation phase.

  • Hosting & Housing Services for Oil & Gas

    Hosting & Housing Services for Oil & Gas

    Hosting and housing in a professional data center; In the petroleum industry data security and availability are critical to successful operations. This is why a modern, secure and professionally managed IT infrastructure is essential.Implico is your hosting and housing specialist in the downstream sector. From decades of experience, we know the rigorous standards and special demands IT infrastructures have to meet in the oil and gas industry....

  • Customer Support

    Customer Support

    The Implico Support Center is here to assist you – competently and quickly; Processes in the petroleum industry are complex and require advanced IT solutions. If problems arise or parameters change, having a partner you can trust is crucial. Implico supports you in meeting all operational challenges by providing assistance ranging from instant troubleshooting to process changes.