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  • Biofuels Services

  • Algae Biofuel Testing Service

    Algae Biofuel Testing Service

    Testing, research and inspection for algae produced biofuels. Intertek tests the biofuel quality, and components of biofuels, made from algae, helping fuel researchers, producers and users reduce and avoid issues caused from contaminated or out-of-specification biofuels. Technologies for production of biofuels from algae include usage of waste-stream CO2 from industrial plants, which promotes the growth of algae that can then be converted into...

  • Biodiesel Feedstock Testing and Evaluation Service

    Biodiesel Feedstock Testing and Evaluation Service

    Biodiesel raw materials and feedstocks testing. Intertek tests the quality and suitability of raw feedstock materials for the production of biodiesel fuel. Using AOCS test methods, the biodiesel laboratories analyze edible oils, animal fats, recycled vegetable oils and other potential biodiesel feedstocks for contamination, byproducts, intermediate products and other factors that could impact engine performance. AOCS test methods for fats, oil and...