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  • Geothermal Exploration

  • Geothermal Exploration Magnetotellurics

    Geothermal Exploration Magnetotellurics

    Magnetotellurics is a passive electromagnetic geophysical exploration technique that uses natural electric fields from lightning sources, solar flares and ionospheric resonances to induce current flow in the ground. MT images the earth’s subsurface by measuring natural variations of electrical and magnetic fields at the Earth’s surface. Depth of investigation ranges from surface to 10,000m and beyond by recording higher frequencies with...

  • Geothermal Exploration Geophysics

    Geothermal Exploration Geophysics

    Geophysics plays an important role in geothermal exploration. Electromagnetic (EM) data provide a substantial contribution to the process of geophysical mapping and monitoring of geothermal reservoirs by measuring various physical parameters of the subsurface rocks, such as resistivity, porosity and density. Geophysical methods provide essential data for identifying and developing these valuable resources in an environmentally friendly, reliable and...

  • Managing Geothermal Exploration Risk

    Managing Geothermal Exploration Risk

    Exploration programs are usually developed in 3 steps: reconnaissance, pre-feasibility and feasibility. The size and budget of the exploration program should be proportional to the following characteristics: Exploration objectives, Importance of the resources you expect to find, Planned utilization of the resource. Understandably, any reduction in the number or size of the program(s) will lead to a decrease in costs; however, it will also lead to a...