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  • VYNCKE - Combustion Systems

    VYNCKE - Combustion Systems

    Over the course of more than 100 years VYNCKE has acquired a lot of expertise in converting biomass and other solids to energy.  With more than 4000 references worldwide, VYNCKE installations provide energy from hot water heaters, steam boilers, thermal oil heaters, multimedia plants (hot gas, thermal oil, steam, power generation in one system) and combined heat and power plants.

  • VYNCKE - Biomass Fuels

    VYNCKE - Biomass Fuels

    Our fuels range from biomass-based fuels to various solid waste fuels. The range of biomass-based fuels available for energy production is wide; from agricultural and wood residues, to slurries from industrial processes, recycled wood and purpose-grown energy crops.