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  • What Are Stand By Generators?

    What Are Stand By Generators?

    Stand by generators are the most convenient way to have an emergency power source wherever you might need. Generally, the main electrical sources are connected to power lines. However, in some cases, power lines can be unpredictable and a disruption in power could occur anytime, often without warning. Losing power is a frustrating scenario for anyone but especially for those in the middle of ...


Equipment & Solutions

  • Fail Safe Caliper Brake

    Fail Safe Caliper Brake

    The Hilliard MK1400 is an electromagnetic, fail safe caliper brake. Spring applied, electric released, it is suitable for holding duty and emergency for applications such as theatrical stage lifts, elevators and cranes. Alternative mounting arrangement: pin mounting, base mounting horizontal and base mounting angle. The MK1400 is capable of producing a maximum 1,400 LBF of braking force with up ...

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  • 2020 Western Transmission Summit

    2020 Western Transmission Summit

    The 12th Annual Western Transmission Summit will convene leaders and operators from across the Western U.S. grid to discuss new challenges and developments to the regional transmission system. As Western operators and legislators innovate new methods for grid operation, including its recent movement towards regionalization, the rest of the industry will continue to watch the West for what’s ...