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Energy Consulting equipment for Energy Management

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    Anguil - Industrial Energy & Heat Recovery Solutions

    Every energy demand is unique, as is every energy-efficiency improvement opportunity. At Anguil, our track record includes an ability to blend time-tested, standard products with innovative, custom engineered solutions. We design, manufacture, and install energy recovery systems that decrease your energy consumption, reduce operating costs and ...

    By Anguil Environmental Systems, Inc. based in Milwaukee, WISCONSIN (USA).

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    Addfield - Thermal & Electrical Energy Recovery Systems

    Our range of heat recovery systems using proprietary combustion will allow you to dispose of any on-site waste cleanly and efficiently using a range of sizes that produce electricity and hot water. The WP40 Waste to Power unit is our most popular unit producing 40kW 415 volt electrical and 350kW thermal from low capacity combustion. The unit is CE ...

    By Addfield Environmental Systems Ltd. based in Burntwood, UNITED KINGDOM. from Thermal & Electrical Energy Recovery Systems Product line

  • Heat Recovery System

    TheConDexEnergy Recovery System,the breakthrough technology frpm Combustion and Energy Systems that perfects the recovery of heat from exhaust gases. Flue gases from boilers, turbines, ovens, dryers, etc. - single or multiple sources of waste heat, theConDexSystem recovers tremendous amounts of waste energy and returns it directly to your ...

    By ConDex Systems Inc. based in Wyoming, ILLINOIS (USA).

  • Optimfl - Reheating Furnaces

    CMI Thermline develops, designs and supplies Reheating Furnaces for strips, plates, tubes and pipes mills. Integrating the Best Available Technologies (B.A.T.) in heating equipments, instrumentation nor automation and Level 2, CMI Thermline brings its knowledge, innovation and experience to support its customers in their performances but also in a ...

    By CMI Groupe based in Seraing, BELGIUM. from Reheating Furnaces Product line

  • ACTIVE - Frequency Inverter

    A full series of flexible frequency inverters that are versatile and extremely easy to use, featuring control for high performance and unbeatable advantages in their scalability and compact size.

    By Bonfiglioli Riduttori S.p.A. based in Lippo di Calderara di Reno, ITALY. from Frequency Inverter Product line

  • Strobic Air - Ventilation Heat Recovery Systems

    Heat recovery ventilation systems by Strobic Air provide energy conservation on laboratory fume hood exhaust systems. Unique glycol/water heat exchanger coil modules for Tri-Stack® systems extract exhaust heat for heating or cooling conditioned makeup air. (A 1°F rise in makeup air temperature permits a corresponding 3% reduction in ...

    By Strobic Air Corporation - a CECO Environmental Company based in Harleysville, PENNSYLVANIA (USA).

  • Model EVER - Energy Recovery Unit / Cellulosic Exchanger

    EVER units are used in office spaces, houses, HOTELS, cinemas etc. to supply fresh air to the indoors and exhaust stale air to outdoors. Both sensible and latent heat of the exhausted air is transferred to the fresh air by the heat exchanger, thus improves energy saving. As a result, the unit reduces the capacity of the equipment used for indoor ...

  • Model ERV/ERV-V - Rotary Energy Recovery Unit

    ERV/ERV-V units are designed to be used as energy recovery ventilators as well as heating/cooling. Because of compact structure and dimensions, The units can be installed in small spaces and can be easily used in restoration buildings.

    By Eneko Heat Recovery Ventilation based in Cigli, TURKEY. from Rotary Energy Recovery Unit Product line

  • Additional Heat Exchange Systems

    To maximise recovery, ENVIROTEC offers for all systems the right heat recovery system. For example production of steam, warm or hot water, thermal oil, hot air. This helps to reduce CO2-emissions and save other resources.

    By Gesellschaft für Umwelt- und Verfahrenstechnik mbH based in Hasselroth - Gondsroth, GERMANY.

  • Heat Energy Recovery Systems

    Persistently high energy costs are driving many companies to evaluate opportunities for more efficient energy usage and significant reduction in energy costs. Pollution System Solutions offers Heat Recovery Systems that are efficiently designed for each unique situation.

    By Pollution Systems based in The Woodlands, TEXAS (USA). from Heat Energy Recovery Systems Product line

  • Nitrocellulose

    The nitration (esterification) of Cellulose with a mixture of Nitric and Sulfuric Acid was discovered in the mid-19th century by the German chemist Schoenbein. The special properties of Nitrocellulose (NC) soon found wide application, e.g. in the explosives industry, and led to Nobel's development of dynamite.

    By Josef Meissner GmbH & Co. KG based in Köln, GERMANY. from Nitrocellulose Product line

  • Agro Energy Consultancy For Biofuels

    Under the aegis of its 'Energy Crops to Energy' mission, Praj offers Agro Energy Consultancy with an aim to providing sustainable solutions to clients interested in cultivating their own feedstock for Biofuels.

    By Praj Industries Ltd based in Pune, INDIA.

  • Nuclear Energy

    We have extensive experience of the Nuclear Decommissioning industry across the UK. We understand the deep-rooted issues in this industry and how to deliver projects successfully within this complex framework. Our innovative approach to the problems presented in this industry can ensure safe and cost effective solutions to the problems faced.

    By Energy Project Management based in Methil, Scotland, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Heat Energy Recovery

    If swimming pool backwash water is discharged to sewer or used for irrigation, the energy used to heat that water is also wasted. The CircleClear system allows this heat energy to be recovered.

    By Dioxide Pacific Consulting Engineers based in Narrabeen, AUSTRALIA.

  • BouMatic Therma-Stor - Heat Recovery Systems

    A Therma-Stor heat recovery system is a double-walled heat exchanger with water storage tank that captures lost heat from your cooling system to heat your water for free. the heated water is then stored in the system until it is needed.

    By BouMatic based in Madison, WISCONSIN (USA). from Heat Recovery Systems Product line

  • Turnkey Plants for Energy Recovery from Waste

    CNIM provides turnkey waste-to-energy conversion plants, for use either by local authorities or designated operators. The plants are able to turn this waste into electricity, heating for urban areas, or steam for industrial processes and air conditioning, among other applications. CNIM guarantees the energy performance of its equipment, which ...

  • Enclosed Gas Flares

    HiTemp Technology has developed a system that mixes the methane stream with sufficient combustion air to maintain a consistent temperature that assures maximum destruction of any methane present in the exhaust gas. A standard system includes: Waste gas burner, flame arrestor, combustion air blower (VFD), waste gas ID blower (VFD), water separation ...

    By HiTemp Technology LLC based in Ringoes, NEW JERSEY (USA).

  • Harvester - Electric Generation Energy Recovery and Data Capture Systems

    The HARVESTER product directly influences and improves the issues that are surrounding Climate change, particulates and the duck curve phenomenon. The HARVESTER does not need feed from the grid or heat from gas companies to function and generate electricity. In this way, the HARVESTER offers customers a return on investment. The Direct Air Capture ...

    By Babwe Barton Enterprises based in West Common, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Industrial Steam - Model HPR - High Pressure Condensate Return

    ndustrial Steam’s HPR is specifically designed for the corrugating industry. The HPR is engineered to reduce energy use by collecting high temperature condensate from the system and safely pumping it back to the steam boiler without allowing any flash loss. In addition to eliminating flash loss, the HPR increases the efficiency of production ...

    By Industrial Steam based in Atlantic, IOWA (USA). from High Pressure Condensate Return Product line

  • Heat Recovery System

    By adding heat recovery system to your thermal oxidizer you can recover up to 70% of the combustion heat. This represents significant energy savings. The system allows your to re-use the heat generated from the previous airstream in order to reduce the energy needed. With one of PYRADIA's heat recovery systems you can easily turn your pollutants ...

    By Pyradia based in St-Hubert, QUEBEC (CANADA). from Heat Recovery System Product line

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