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  • Predictable Wind Power

    Maximizing value by peering into the futureWind power is variable, but predictable!Let’s not beat around the bush: wind power is variable.  Output power of a wind turbine varies with the ...


Equipment & Solutions

  • Lever Friction Drive Clutches

    Lever Friction Drive Clutches

    The Hilliard friction clutch provides smooth, quick power on demand for most start and stop applications that require positive engagement/disengagement and overload protection. The lightweight clutch mounts directly on the engine shaft and uses a cable engagement system. The input side of the friction clutch is designed to mount to the engine or motor shaft which allows the driving power source ...

Upcoming Events

  • Decentralised Energy Systems: Evening Panel Discussion

    Decentralised Energy Systems: Evening Panel Discussion

    Decentralised energy is not yet a widely understood term, but could pave the way for a productive, sustainable future. Join us for an exciting evening panel discussion with four expert speakers on Decentralised Energy Systems.This event will be sponsored by our subscribers, Kensa Contracting. We will be joined by subscribers Kensa Contracting, Bevan Brittan and Clean Energy Prospector to speak at ...