10th International Concentrated Solar Thermal Power Summit - CSP Today Sevilla 2016


CSP Today Sevilla 2016 is the event you need to be at to secure a successful 17 commercial pipeline. The event brings senior executives from all over the globe but most importantly brings the key influencers, Government representatives and C-Level executives from developers and EPCs from all main international CSP Markets.

Event Type:
Nov. 9-10, 2016
Hotel NH Collection Sevilla
Seville , Spain

Key Points for the 2016 programme:

  • Delegations from every corner of the globe: From China, to MENA to South Africa to all over Europe, connect with the CSP Elite under one roof
  • Real Case Studies: Discover what innovations and business practices are being used leading EPCs and Developers to drop LCOE in real projects
  • Technology and Engineering advances applied commercially: Get a full update on the latest technologies and the new players advancing CSP for more competitiveness
  • Molten Salt Towers: Get a full manual on how to successfully develop, design and operate CSP’s most promising technology based on real commercial projects
  • O&M Guide: Hear from leading experts on the O&M of different CSP technologies and increase your competitiveness

The 2016 agenda is the product of months of independent research and will give important answers to the industry’s key challenges.

2016 in CSP: Latest developments from the Industry
  • Get a full overview of the main developments in the CSP industry and make sure you stay up to date with the latest developments
  • What is happening in LATAM? Get an insight into the latest developments from projects in Chile and Latam to ensure that you are the first to profit from these emerging markets
  • USA and Europe: Discover what is happening in the two most advanced markets for CSP and keep up to date with the market
Panel Discussion: Getting to 8c KWh – How can the industry get ready for the future
  • LCOE reduction priorities: Discover what leading EPCs and Developers are prioritizing to reduce costs and increase the competitiveness of the technology
  • Learn how local sourcing of components affect the LCOE of the technology and how this will affect the business plan for CSP companies going forwards
  • How can EPCs and Developers ensure that finance is at the lowest possible cost
Saudi Arabia:
  • Saudi Arabia: What is the framework of the government for the deployment of CSP in the kingdom, how much CSP will there be and what agencies will be in charge of the development / Saudi Aramco or SEC
  • Price dropping in Saudi Arabia: How important to the kingdom will price reductions in the CSP industry be
  • How can CSP companies adapt to local Saudi production and labour laws / how efficient can manufacturing localization be in the kingdom and how will this affect prices
  • Combined Cycle ISCC case studies: How much future is there for csp additions to ISCC plants
Arabian Peninsula (UAE, OMAN and Kuwait) (individual presentations):
  • DEWA’s new 1GW plan: How will this framework look like and what will the technical specifications for the first 200MW bid look like
  • Lessons learned from Shams 1: How can EPCs and developers apply lessons from Shams 1 plant in Abu Dhabi to ensure a smoother development process and avoid hidden costs
  • Kuwait: Shagaya project update, operating in the kingdom and perspectives for future development 
  • EOR in OMAN: Dish stirling and frensnel EOR, project updates and advantages of each technology
  • Update on new Chinese FIT and how this will affect development in the country
  • Delingha Projects: Latest news and operational data on the 50MW deligha power tower and parabolic trough
  • Perspectives for cost reduction from the Chinese industry: How can China’s local manufacturing base push down CSP LCOE
Africa (Individual presentations)
  • Morocco: Fist operational data from the iconic noor 1 200MW parabolic trough project, what do the production figures look like, optimization improvements from the future
  • Noor II and III projects: Update on latest development of these two projects and what lessons are being taken in consideration for future developments
  • South Africa: What is the latest news from round 4.5 of the REIPPP programme and what timelines can the industry expect for future developments
  • Namibia: How will CSP play a role in the future of Namibia’s energy mix and how will the technical specifications of the first project look like

Molten salt towers: Best practice and optimization
  • Latest commission and operational data from real projects: what has been done to ensure that production is optimized and what have been the major lessons learned
  • Molten Salt Tower O&M: What are the biggest challenges and lessons learned from operating molten salt towers
  • Hybridization with PV: How can Towers be hibridized with PV to ensure an LCOE drop and how are these technologies compatible
O&M Excellence: Lowering costs and increasing performance in parabolic trough CSP plants
  • Optimizing plant performance: From efficient storage use to optimal cleaning and solar field strategies that optimize plants
  • Cost cutting in maintenance: What really needs to be maintained and when? How can plant operators reduce costs of up to 50% in the plant by reprioritizing their component maintenance strategies
  • Let’s stop reacting: How have plants in sprain reduced reactive maintenance by employing different maintenance methods from heat vision to drones
Storage: Optimizing CSP’s USP
  • Alternatives to molten salts: From concrete to direct steam storage, what other alternatives are there for low price heat storage
  • Electric storage for CSP: What initiatives are there for salts drop costs to ensure that it stays more competitive with the fast dropping electrical storage market
  • Thermocline tanks: How can mono storage tank systems drop LCOE of storage technologies
Supplier side LCOE reduction:
  • Cost cutting vs technology optimization: What should the industry prioritize when regarding LCOE reductions
  • Logistics: How can CSP suppliers adapt to the changing logistical needs of the industry
  • Working with the EPC: How can suppliers more adequately work with EPCs to ensure mutually beneficial and achievable cost reductions
R&D reductions in LCOE
  • Get the latest information on different international research initiatives that will improve your performance and drastically reduce your LCOE
  • Learn about the latest research into DNI Predictions that will allow you to optimize production in your plant
  • Learn about the latest methods of prediction for component failure in plants and what you can expect from your plant over its lifecycle

This 9-10 November at CSP Today Sevila 2016, leaders from the industry's biggest companies will meet to discuss key issues related to international project development, O&M and technological inovation. Dont miss the oportunity to showcase your company as a leader in technical solutions for CSP in front of the worlds premier industry companies. Last year over 300 participants attended the worlds largest CSP specific conference & exhibition, so book now and leave with the contacts you need for your business to thrive in 2016 and beyond!  

Bespoke sponsorship options for your company’s business development priorities and budget

The huge range of opportunities available means we'll design a package to work exactly with your own objectives. Here are just some of the CSP sponsorship and exhibition opportunities:

  • Standard to Premium Exhibition Booths:

    Communicate your products or services to the key solar developers, EPC companies and manufacturers who need your services or technology.The exhibition zone is the networking hub so the room will be buzzing with opportunities for you. We also have meeting rooms available, to make sure you use every opportunity to communicate your product and begin converting leads to orders!

  • Exclusive Branding with Wi-fi/Coffee/Lanyard Sponsorships:

    It’s not just about the presentations. We know that coffee and wi-fi are always important and as the sponsor you’ll get stand-out branding and another way to make sure your company is on the names of all the delegates

  • Speaking & Thought Leadership Opportunities: 

    Presenting in front of an exclusive audience of potential customers alongside a hand-picked list of high-level speakers from governments in Saudi Arabia, the UAE, and Jordan firmly positions your brand as an authority and a trusted solar leader to prospective clients

  • Unrivalled Networking:

    Over 20+ hours of networking time as well as meeting rooms for hire means you can invest in relationships beyond swapping business cards to ensure you get an ROI from your leads. Multiple prospective customers all in one place from multiple markets means you’ll get over a month’s worth of business in just two days

  • 300+ peers and colleagues within your network so you can discuss and share ideas with the best minds in CSP
  • 25+ leading stakeholders presenting: including C-Level, VP and Director level experts from the leading EPCs and Developers winning projects across the globe
  • 25+ hours of dedicated networking including an awards ceremony, so you can connect with the movers and shakers of the solar world and collectively celebrate achievements
  • Commercially focused technology sessions: Get real case studies in CSP technology optimization from companies leading the charge on LCOE reduction

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