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5th Annual US Offshore Wind - 2020


Join us at the US Offshore Wind ConfEx to secure market share in the US OSW industry boom. It’s where the early commercial relationships are forged among investors developers, manufacturers, ports, transmission operators and the supply chain. Competition is fierce and only the early movers will reap the most reward. Just one offshore wind project can provide multiple multi-million-dollar contracts to develop port infrastructure, transmission and offshore wind arrays, stimulating the rapid expansion of an entirely new offshore wind value chain.

Event Type:
Trade Show/Exhibition
Jun. 18-19, 2020
Hynes Convention Center
Boston , MA , USA

  1. Secure project partners and supply chain collaborators. Our event is where the early commercial relationships are formed amongst US OSW developers, financiers and supply chain players. Miss it and miss your best opportunity to build your US offshore wind business. Remember - only the early movers will reap the rewards!
  2. Learn how the US OSW market system is evolving. 200 speakers, 3 tracks and 8 workshops will bring you up to speed on the essential developments in Permitting, Transmission, Regulations, Project Pipeline, Supply chain, Financing, Floating Wind Projects and Systems and much more.
  3. Achieve all your US offshore wind goals in just 2-days! Find partners, prospect clients, and secure market share as a developer, supplier or advisor. Our dedicated AI-powered matchmaking service WindLink™ will allow you to book 1-2-1 meetings with over 2000 OSW executives. 
  4. Meet the US offshore wind movers and shakers. With all top US OSW executives in one place at one time, our event will give you unprecedented access to C-level decision-makers from every major developer, investor, contractor, supplier and manufacturer.
  5. Receive all you need to know about current and future projects. Leaseholders, OEMs, Contractors, and Government representatives will share their plans for current and future projects, and supply chain requirements, helping you to evaluate projects against your capabilities.

Offshore Wind Leaders stage

The plenary offshore wind leaders’ stage will feature BIG announcements from state officials, government and project developers. Miss it and miss out on big news!

The Supply Chain Exhibition (100 Exhibits)

Explore 100 tech and service companies leading the charge in the Offshore Wind Supply Chain - where supply chain partnerships and joint ventures are forged.

The Supply Chain Matchmaking Zone

Pre-book 15-minute meetings at any of the 40 tables using the event app to kick-start new Partnerships and Joint Ventures in US offshore wind.

The Networking Party

Join offshore wind executives for cocktails, canapes and the very best networking in the US offshore wind industry.

The Future is Floating

It’s just a matter of time before floating wind turbines dominate the US coastline. Join us for the very latest updates on floating turbine tech, project plans, and supply chain opportunities.

TED-style presentations

Every talk is now a maximum of 20 minutes – so you’ll get sharp sessions and even sharper ideas!

Supply Chain Accelerator Program

Connecting buyers with vendors, the 6 x 1 hour Supply Chain Accelerator workshops will support supply chain matchmaking, drive workforce development and boost local content generation

The Wind Innovation Stage

In the expo hall will showcase concise presentations about the latest technology, equipment and solutions for the US offshore wind industry.


Do business with ALL of the active players, from governments, developers, contractors, financiers and suppliers


Find out about States’ offshore wind development plans and all the projects that are due or taking place


Meet serious industry collaborators from the USA and Europe and enter into the US offshore wind market as a developer, contractor or supplier


Understand who they are, what projects they are planning, and upcoming opportunities for partnerships and supply contracts

Market Structure and Evolution

Listen to C-level offshore wind leaders answer the big questions about how the US offshore wind market going to shake out in terms of market structure; the road toGet the brochure here

US Offshore Wind Project Development Pipeline

Analyze the US offshore wind development pipeline in a series of state by state panel discussions, providing you with up-to-date information about Wind Energy Areas, state plans and support mechanisms to help finance and develop new offshore wind projects.

Project Planning & Execution for Commercial Deployment

Hear the latest on FEDERAL offshore wind area lease planning activities; how to manage stakeholders and reduce time to permitting.

Supply Chain, Infrastructure and Vessel Capabilities

Learn how businesses and US states are taking steps to build the infrastructure & vessel capabilities to deliver reliable offshore wind projects.

Cost Reduction Technology Roadmap

Discover which technologies will be required deliver the US project pipeline, including wind turbines and fixed/floating foundations; and what role technologies will play in reducing project LCOE in the US.

Commercializing Floating Wind Turbines

Find out what technology and project developers are doing to commercialize floating turbines and the opportunities for floating project developments in the US. Key topics include The Business Case for Floating Turbines in the US, Regulatory Drivers, Qualifying Floating Technology, and Env. Impact Assessment.

Opportunities for Oil and Gas Companies in the US Offshore Wind Supply Chain

Plan to diversify into the offshore wind supply chain by joining the dedicated Supply Chain breakout session to review upcoming projects and commercial opportunities against your capabilities. You’ll learn about layers of the supply chain, where your company fits in and who your customers are.

Sharing The Ocean

Learn how to achieve multi-sectoral engagement so that conflicts can be understood, minimized and addressed and how synergies with other ocean users can be identified and optimized?

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