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Key Energy - 2019


Key Energy, where energy meets the future: the leading fair for renewable energies in the Mediterrean area. Focus on photovoltaic and storage, solutions for the energy efficiency in the industry and residential, solutions for sustainable intermodal and connected mobility.

Event Type:
Trade Show/Exhibition
Nov. 5-8, 2019
Rimini Fiera, Expo Centre
Rimini , Italy

Ecomondo and Key Energy offers today's biggest platform for the entire Mediterranean basin with 1250 exhibiting companies attracting over 116,000 attendees. Ecomondo has successfully anticipated business changes over time, from waste processing to dialoguing with industry on the development of an economic model based on green technologies. All sectors are efficiently represented, from waste to integrated water cycle, to air, bio-based industry and energy.

The intended vision is that of the circular economy, which involves the formation of new  interconnected industrial clusters as set out in the future investment plans of the European Commission.

Key Energy is the leading fair for renewable energy in the Mediterranean Area.

Focus on photovoltaic and storage, solution for energy efficiency in industry and residential, solutions for sustainable intermodal, connected mobility and sustainable cities.


The world of energy efficiency, renewable energy and electric mobility is experiencing an incredibly fast evolution on a global scale as a consequence of the obligations taken in the Paris Climate Agreement.

In Italy there are some interesting signals with a forecasted growth in these sectors. The recently approved National Energy Strategy pushes the country towards targets  such as 55% production of renewable energy and 5 million electric vehicles by 2030.

Considerable investments will be addressed towards urban centres, hubs of economic and cultural activities.  70% of the 7,798 municipalities has a population equal to or less than 5,000 inhabitants. Cities with a high urban development represent only the 3.4% but also accommodate the 33% of the total population. Improve the quality of the air, transports, common areas and services means invest on quality and well-being, and this represents one of the biggest challenges for the local administrations and for the country.

Service’s high standards can be achieved only with a correct investments’ planning together with industrial capacities, engineering and adequate forecasting, all with one common goal: sustainability and inhabitants’ quality of life.

Backed by this favourable background, Key Energy aims to become the flagship event in the field of renewable energy solutions.



Global renewable energy in 2017:

  • Investments amounting to 333,5 bil. $
  • with a record injection of 160 bil. on photovoltaic, +18% year on year, regardless the reduction of costs.


Italian investments has seen an increase of +15%, for a total amount of 2,5 bil. $ according to the BNEF statistics.

In 2018 global solar plants will reach at least 107GW, compared to the 98GW in 2017 (+10%).

Italy's National Energy Strategy has set the target of achieving  55% share of renewables in electricity consumption by 2030: by that time, 5 million vehicles will be electric and 145 billion will have been invested in renewable energy and energy efficiency.

In Italy there are projects aiming to develop photovoltaic plants for hundreads of MW, achieved with no incentives; Regional calls have contributed to the increase of  storage systems.

Key Solar

The exhibition area dedicated to the most innovative integrated solar technologies and to combination with storage systems, mains supply provided from storage and Demand Response and Virtual Power Plant (VPP) systems.

Key Efficiency

An entire hall of technology, systems and solutions for a more intelligent use of energy resources in industry.

Key Efficiency is the meeting point between technology producers, funding bodies and industry, where best practice among those who have chosen the path of efficiency can be tested.

Key Storage

Key Energy Storage is the exhibition area dedicated to storing energy from renewable sources.

The project was launched to highlight the importance of a technology which is key to energy efficiency. Energy Storage Systems avoid the requirement to acquire energy, allowing energy obtained from renewable sources to be used when the user needs it.

Making optimal use of this energy is imperative. The need to achieve the Cop21 targets and the advantages and economic benefits that Energy Storage Systems offer make them a reality that will guide the market in the coming years.

Over time, Ecomondo Key Energy has proven capable of adapting to the changing market and aims to become the Mediterranean base for this product.

Key Energy Storage offers a series of conferences on the theme of storage on the days of the exhibition, with presentation of best practices and targeted communication for countries in the Mediterranean, Middle East and Eastern Europe for B2B meetings at the exhibition.

Key Wind

Wind energy solutions for mediterranean area

The only reference wind power show in the Mediterranean basin, the Balkans and the Middle East. Key Wind, in partnership with ANEV, the Italian Wind Energy Association, collaborates to develop the sector in Italy, in terms of content, training, information and design.

Exhibitor targets
  • Producers of plants and components for large-scale wind power
  • Producers of plants and components for mini wind power
  • Managers of wind farms/wind power producers
Visitor targets
  • Utilities
  • Managers of wind farms
  • Big operators in the electrical market
  • Investors

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