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Key Energy - 2020


The international renewable energy fair. Renewable energy – Storage and solutions for distributed power generation – Energy efficiency in buildings and industrial processes – Cogeneration, trigeneration, micro-cogeneration – Sustainable cities: smart cities and sustainable mobility.

Event Type:
Trade Show/Exhibition
Nov. 3-6, 2020
Rimini Expo Centre
Rimini , Italy

KEY ENERGY is Europe’s comprehensive event on renewables located in Italy. Its sectors are:

Renewable energy (PV, Wind Power)
Storage and solutions for distributed power generation
Energy efficiency applied to industry and building
Cogeneration, trigeneration, micro-cogeneration
Sustainable Cities: smart cities and sustainable mobility

KEY ENERGY serves as a comprehensive showcase of technologies and services for the decarbonisation of the economy, now essential in light of the energy transition process launched with the Paris Agreement andmade binding by European objectives.
From renewable sources, to storage, the efficient use of energy, right down to digital technologies and future mobility.

KEY ENERGY also represents a chance to train and get updated on the latest trends, such as:
• Renewable energy and emerging markets
• New business tools (PPAs; energy communities)
• Innovative solutions and technologies
• Energy integration models
• Regulatory framework, tools and mechanisms supporting the sector

KEY ENERGY is not only a showcase, but also an opportunity for energy professionals to meet and share their knowledge with the sector’s key players, as well as benefit from updates and training.

The conferences and workshops programme is organized by a Scientific Committee that includes all relevant institutions and industrial associations, as well as technical/scientific and civil society organisations.
The 2019 conference programme will focus on technological innovations, financial models and organisational solutions that will help Italy reach the ambitious 2030 European targets.

A major focus will be placed upon the challenges and opportunities that Italian companies will face in the international market, while international investors will get a thorough insight on the Italian market.


  • 2450 attendees

  • + 60 events, including conferences, workshops and training courses

  • 534 speakers.



Photovoltaic, inverters, thermodynamic solar, components, solutions for O&M&P (revamping and re-powering), energy storage technologies, smart grids. 


Wind turbines for on- and off-shore, components, energy producers, solutions for revamping and re-powering of existing parks. Organized in collaboration with ANEV.


Cogeneration, trigeneration, micro-cogeneration, high-efficiency motors, geothermal energy and heat pumps, systems to digitalise, monitor and manage consumption for the increased energy efficiency of industrial processes, ESCo, EPC contractors, energy renewal in buildings. 


Technologies and services available to the PA for renewing and increasing the efficiency of buildings and cities, efficient public lighting, utilities, ICT solutions and products for services, buildings, smart grids and sustainable mobility, electric & hybrid cars, car and e- bike-sharing, smart parking.

  • To develop new business relationships, not only on the Italian market but also across Mediterranean countries
  • To meet a professional and profiled target market
  • To exploit networking opportunities with the sector’s key players
  • To keep informed about technologies, legislative aspects, development trends and new emerging markets
  • To be part of a community, that of green technologies and services, to create critical mass and position oneself as a speaker of reference with the institutions

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