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Power-Gen & Distributech Africa 2018


POWER-GEN & DistribuTECH Africa is the electricity industry’s forum that brings together international business leaders and technical experts committed to POWERING UP A CONTINENT. Featuring a comprehensive conference programme and extensive exhibit floor, the event spans all aspects of centralised and distributed power generation along with leading technologies in power transmission and distribution.

Event Type:
Jul. 17-19, 2018
Sandton Convention Centre
Johannesburg , South Africa

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  • FREE conference delegate registration for your stand personnel
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  • Shell Scheme Walls
  • Company named fascia board
  • 1 x Table
  • 2 x Chairs
  • 2 x Spotlights
  • 1 x 15amp electrical socket and electricity consumption
  • 1 x Waste Bin
  • Standard carpet
  • Daily vacuuming and wiping down of horizontal surfaces

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