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The Renewable Energy Mini MBA 2017


The Renewable Energy Mini MBA will provide renewable energy leaders with the knowledge required to grow their business within competitive multi-faceted energy markets... The success of renewable energy projects can depend on a variety of market factors at play including policy developments, the economic environment and resource availability. Green Power Academy’s Renewable Energy Mini-MBA gives you expert training over 5 days to develop a complete market analysis on the renewable energy industry, covering renewable energy technology, planning, policy and profitability.


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Aug. 21-25, 2017
London , UK

Day 1

  • Energy Markets & Trends
  • Renewable Energy Concepts, Myths & Realities
  • Future Grids & Business Models
  • Introduction to the GROUP EXERCISE

Day 2

  • Comparing Renewable Energy Projects & Risks
  • Exploring wind, solar and geothermal power
  • Exploring Hydro, Ocean and Biomass power
  • Renewable Fuels & Heat

Day 3

  • GROUP EXERCISE: Market Analysis
  • GROUP EXERCISE: Energy Options
  • Renewable Energy Economics
  • Energy Policies & Supports

Day 4

  • Project Phases, Contracts & “Bankability”
  • Project Returns and Risks
  • Financing Sources & Trends
  • Operation and maintenance strategies solar and wind plants
  • GROUP EXERCISE: Generating Investor Returns

Day 5

  • GROUP EXERCISE: Scenario Analysis
  • GROUP EXERCISE: Market Proposals & Presentations
  • Evaluation of Presentations Market scenario examples & CLOSE

  • Develop a business-focused, critical review of the market opportunities, risks and competitive positioning of the various renewable energy technologies: solar, wind, geothermal, biomass (power & fuels), hydro, tidal and wave to learn about the best options available.
  • Know what to look for when evaluating renewable energy project opportunities: market conditions, growth considerations and financial risks.
  • Speak the language of the energy business to better engage with suppliers, partners, policymakers or coworkers from across the sector.
  • Identify key trends and best global practices within the industry and evaluate how these impact your future business prospects.
  • Compare and contrast the key project developmentand operational risks facing different types of renewable energy projects so you can establish best practice.

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