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  • Wireless or Wired Sensor
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    Wireless or Wired Sensor

    By enOware GmbH

    Wireless or wired sensor for insertion into the geothermal probe and measuring a high-precision geothermal course profiles in a 3D coordinate system. The evaluation of the measurement data takes place with a ...

  • Geothermal Energy for Homeowners
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    Geothermal Energy for Homeowners

    By Earth Wind And Solar Energy LLC

    Residential homes in the upper midwest and especially in the Chicagoland area will benefit with a geothermal energy system from Earth Wind And Solar Energy.

  • Ground Source Heat Pumps (GSHP)
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    Ground Source Heat Pumps (GSHP)

    By Isoenergy | ISO Energy Ltd.

    The ground source heat pumps isoenergy installs are the most efficient, reliable, correctly sized and scoped to the latest MCS MIS Standard, to provide the highest possible return on investment.Ground source heat pumps ...

Upcoming events

  • GRC Annual Meeting & Expo
    Showcase Event

    GRC Annual Meeting & Expo

    By Geothermal Resources Council

    The Geothermal Resources Council (GRC) has announced the venue for the next GRC Annual Meeting & Expo. The 43rd edition of the geothermal energy event will be held in Palm Springs, California, USA, from September ...

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  • Dimplex - a division of the GDC Group

    Dimplex - a division of the GDC Group

    Over the course of nearly 70 years, Dimplex has built a portfolio of some 700 products for a public which wants affordable and attractively-designed ...

  • GeothermEx, Inc.

    GeothermEx, Inc.

    GeothermEx, Inc. is a complete geothermal consulting firm offering services related to exploration, drilling, well testing, resource assessment, ...

  • Ram Power Corp.

    Ram Power, Corp. (“Ram Power” or the “Company”) (TSX:RPG) is a renewable energy company focused in the business of acquiring, exploring, developing ...

  • EnLink Geoenergy Services, Inc.

    EnLink Geoenergy Services, Inc.

    EnLink Geoenergy Services, Inc. is the industry leader in providing geothermal earth-heat exchange solutions to governments, businesses, institutions ...

  • Cyrq Energy Inc.

    Cyrq Energy Inc.

    Cyrq Energy has the reputation for operating geothermal energy power plants in very challenging circumstances. Finding, developing and managing a ...