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ABB to Support the Increasing Digitalization of Substations

Source: Smart Grid Observer

ABB and Intel are collaborating on promoting next-generation distribution automation systems and products

February 11, 2019 -- ABB and Intel signed a formal agreement to collaborate on the marketing and selling of next-generation distribution automation systems and products for protection and control in utility and industrial applications. At the core of the agreement is ABB Ability smart substation control and protection for electrical systems, SSC600, powered by Intel Xeon processors.

SSC600 centralizes all protection and control functionality in a single, IEC 61850-compliant device at the substation level to reduce network complexity and support optimal, lifelong asset management for the digital substation. It is designed to help utilities make the change to a more digital environment, allowing protection and control of a wide variety of applications in real time.

ABB is the first global manufacturer of medium-voltage protection and control devices that aligns with Intel’s virtualization and centralization strategy for distribution networks. The aim of the strategy is a single, centralized, software-driven device with extensive application coverage.

ABB’s smart substation control and protection device with its advanced technology is designed to deliver the following benefits:

  • Reduced security management and capital investment costs
  • Reduced operational and maintenance expenses with optimized system reliability
  • Enhanced cybersecurity features with multiple hardware and software layers
  • Easy and efficient process management with station-wide process visibility
  • Improved operational safety with centralized protection concept
  • Easy adaption to changing network protection requirements with scalable software architecture

“ABB and Intel are jointly opening the doors to future substation protection schemes. Customers will benefit from the support of two major digital technology leaders instead of one,” said Alessandro Palin, managing director of ABB’s Distribution Solutions business. “Together, we will drive the development of next-generation technologies.”

“SSC600 powered by Intel Xeon processors is a flexible, scalable solution that enhances the security of critical protection systems in the substations while enabling greater visibility and easy access to valuable data,” said Christine Boles, VP, Internet of Things Group, and GM of the Industrial Solutions Division at Intel.


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