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Actual Examples of Energy Saving Solutions for Supermarkets are Featured in the Video, “Developing Eco Stores Around the World”


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Panasonic has developed a wide range of energy-saving solutions, such as freezer-refrigeration systems, which are used by a major supermarket chain in the U.S., and in Japan’s “CO-OP Sapporo” consumer cooperative and “Heiwado.” This video presents actual examples in each of these stores. Please see Panasonic's efforts to spread the advanced energy-saving technologies that it has accumulated in Japan to the world's supermarkets.

In the beginning of the video, you’ll learn that “About 60% of the power used by supermarkets in the United States is consumed by freezer and refrigerator showcases.” As a solution, Panasonic proposed a showcase with a double air curtain. An invisible curtain of air traps cold air inside and keeps warm air out. By manufacturing these products in Mexico, Panasonic has also achieved excellent cost-competitiveness.

Next, the video introduces a solution adopted by the “CO-OP Sapporo” eco store that helps to reduce CO2 emissions. With freezer systems and showcases that use non-CFC refrigerants, this store has reduced the annual CO2 emissions of the store to nearly half the level of existing stores.

And the last solution is an example of a “Heiwado” eco store. Heiwado and Panasonic jointly developed this energy-saving supermarket. The walls and roof of this building are equipped with solar panels that create 87,000 kWh of energy per year. Total energy-saving management is employed, for example, for large energy consumers like freezer-refrigeration systems, lighting, and air conditioning. By monitoring the usage conditions of these systems, which account for up to 80% of the store’s consumption, at Panasonic’s remote center and compiling the resulting data, the power consumption conditions can be visualized. Efforts such as these continue to help save even more energy.

The Panasonic Group’s energy-saving solutions help to reduce the wasteful use of energy and cut costs. This video presents these cutting-edge solutions together with actual examples.

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