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Biogas power generation markets – an effective solution to waste treatment?


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Renewable energy development has become inevitable in order to counter the harmful effects of global warming. Based on the resource potential in each country, industry stakeholders are exploring various options to curb greenhouse gas emissions (GHG), the primary source of global warming. Producing biogas and utilizing it for power generation application is one such option among the various renewable energy technologies. Despite constraints of high installation costs and slow progress, the biogas power generation markets is forecast to augment by leaps and bounds across Southeast Asia and Australia and New Zealand (ANZ) regions. Frost & Sullivan's Energy & Power Systems practice in Asia Pacific will host an analyst briefing webinar on the Biogas Power Generation Markets on May 13th 2008, at 11:00 hrs (GMT +08:00hrs) Singapore time.

This analyst briefing will take a look at new and emerging trends in the SEA and ANZ and SEA renewable energy developments and the biogas power generation market as well as cover key market dynamics. Highlights of the briefing include: An analysis of the biogas power generation market in Southeast Asia and ANZ in terms of current installed capacity, growth potential, feedstock availability, cost component analysis and other key trends observed in the market. We will also provide an update of related and upcoming research, along with an opportunity for a question and answer session with the analyst. The briefing will benefit Feedstock Suppliers, Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), Engineering and Construction Contractors, System Integrators, Biogas project developers, Independent dealers, Service Providers, and Local Distributors as it discusses the key emerging trends coupled with estimated forecasts for the biogas power market.

Suchitra Sriram, Industry Analyst says, “Enduring support from the Governments is expected to provide an enormous thrust to the commercial development of biogas power generation markets in the long run. Biogas is not only a renewable energy source, but also checks water pollution and prevents soil degradation. It largely helps in checking the alarming negative impact of GHG emissions that is emitted from waste into the atmosphere.

Suchitra states that the growth of this industry is threatened by high initial capital costs, unattractive feed-in-tariff, red-tape in the approval of projects, and lack of finance among the small and medium scale end-user segments. However, with international funding mechanisms, abundant feedstock availability, involvement of non-government organizations (NGOs), government schemes and targets, and wide public support, this industry is poised to boom remarkably.”

Suchitra adds, “Untapped market potential has attracted new entrants across the value chain of the industry and has also encouraged existing renewable energy project development companies to include biogas in their portfolio. To gain a strong foothold in the market, it becomes critical for equipment suppliers to prove the long-term sustainability of projects, provide accurate estimates and deliver equipment on time. Existing project developers should provide structured financing, strong project development and management capabilities, and turnkey solutions.”

Suchitra explains that efficient and proven technology, operational guarantee, competitive price, reliable equipment, prompt service and maintenance are some of the key competitive factors in the biogas power generation market. All the major international companies operate in these regions through authorized dealers and distributors. They work in close association with government agencies, local project developers and contractors.”

Join us as Suchitra shares her insights on how managing and curbing global warming are very compelling driving factors for renewable energy development and biogas power generation in ANZ and SEA. Those interested in registering for the interactive webinar should send an email to Corporate Communications - Donna Jeremiah at with the following information: full name, company name, title, telephone number, e- mail address, city, state and country. The registration details will be emailed to you upon receipt of the above information.

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