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British Gas to trial five biomethane projects

British Gas has announced it is going ahead with five biomethane demonstration projects, which could be the first in the UK to inject green gas into the national grid.

The news comes after the Government has professed its support for renewable technologies such as biomethane injection, biomass technology operators and biogas plants under the renewable heat incentive (RHI) scheme. The new initiative will see individuals, communities or businesses injecting biomethane into the grid receive financial support of 4p/kWh. (see MRW story)

British gas will support five firms in building their own biomethane plants using its expertise and helping to create the infrastructure needed. GWE Biogas is working to build an anaerobic digestion plant in East Yorkshire. It will process 50,000 tonnes of food waste and farm crops each year. Adnams Brewery will also be using an AD plant to produce biogas, using brewery waste such as grains, yeast and other liquids usually disposed of. Potters Waste, which deals with manufacturing waste, Dillington Biogas, which utilises farm waste slurry, and Thames Water working with Scotia Gas Networks, will also build their own biomethane plants.

These plants could be the first in the UK to actually inject biogas into the national grid, as although biogas plants already exist, they use the energy for their own operations instead.

British Gas managing director of communities and new energy Gearoid Lane said: “We’re delighted that the Government will provide support to make investment in biomethane commercially viable. With 85 per cent of homes heated by natural gas, this is a fantastic opportunity to deliver renewable heat through our existing gas network and central heating boilers.

“By making early investments in biomethane, we intend to drive forward the opportunity to deliver green gas to our customers.”

According to a study by the national grid, biomethane could account for at least 15 per cent of the domestic gas market by 2020.

British Gas to trial five biomethane projects

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