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CleanSpark Completes Installation of Comprehensive Residential Microgrid


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CleanSpark, Inc., a microgrid company that is combining a patented 'stratified' downdraft gasifier along with advanced engineering, software and controls for distributed energy resource management systems, today announced it has engineered, designed and installed a fully off-grid, triple-redundant power system at a private, residential estate in Southern California.

Matthew Schultz, Chief Executive Officer of CleanSpark, commented, 'This residential installation is a perfect example of a clean, sustainable, smart energy solution that will provide a quick payback, significantly reduce ongoing operational costs, provide self-sustaining, independent power and reduce the usage of fossil fuel. At the heart of the system is our flex Power SystemTM, an advanced energy software and control technology, that enables the owners to meet their around-the-clock power needs and manage the capture, storage and utilization of clean solar power to operate the residence efficiently and at much lower cost than traditional power sources over the life of the system.'

'The advanced engineering and seamless integration of our system overcomes the obstacle of combining the capture of solar energy with efficient storage and envelopes them in a user-friendly, icon-driven management system,' continued Schulz. 'As the cost of energy storage continues to come down, we believe the application of microgrid solutions to the residential market will continue to increase, and we are well-positioned with a robust offering to capture a fair share of the opportunities.'

The company's flex Power System will store and provide energy generated from a large on-site solar installation, enabling the residence to operate entirely from solar-generated battery power. The smart system will monitor load capacity and energy generation and utilize battery heuristics to optimize the operation of heating and cooling systems and the filling of water tanks that supply the home. Over time, the system will continuously adapt and modify its algorithms to achieve optimal operational results and peak performance. The microgrid uses 12.4kW of mounted solar photovoltaic (PV) cells and 20.4kW of lithium ferrous phosphate energy storage, supplied by SimpliPhi Power, and an 11kW natural gas emergency backup genset, supplied by Generac. The cost of the system, when compared to the cost of utility installation and on-going operation by the local utility provider, is expected to achieve a payback to the customer in approximately one year and provide significant savings in utility costs over the life of the system. In addition to the estimated hundreds of thousands of dollars in savings, the system also eliminates the operational risk of any grid disruption from the local utility provider. 

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