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Green Energy: From Waste to Syngas Production


Syngas production from waste gasification is one way to produce renewable energy. However, varying waste compositions can make gasification challenging to control, resulting in inconsistent syngas compositions. Closely monitoring gas composition and adjusting process conditions during gasification can ensure consistent, high-quality syngas production. Infrared sensors are the ideal solution for monitoring syngas composition during waste-to-energy processes.

Increasing awareness surrounding the limited and polluting nature of fossil fuel resources has resulted in a significant increase in consumer, business, government, and regulatory demands for green energy over the past decade.Under RE100 many of the world’s most influential companies are committed to using 100% renewable energy by 2020, so demand for green energy is expected to continue to increase.1,2

Syngas Production from Renewable Resources

One route to green energy involves gasifying biomass or waste feedstocks to produce syngas, which can then be burned to produce heat and electricity or converted to liquid fuels.3,4

Waste management is an on-going global issue; the world produces 4 billion tons of waste per year. The majority of waste is currently incinerated or sent to landfill. Waste-to-syngas processes reduce the amount of waste sent to landfill by releasing energy from waste while producing fewer emissions compared with incineration.4-6

However, generating syngas from waste comes with some challenges. Waste gasification can be difficult to control resulting in varying syngas quality. Furthermore, impurities and tar formation during waste gasification can make down-stream processing difficult and expensive.  As a result, currently, only 0.5% of syngas is produced from renewable resources including biomass and waste.4,7,8

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