Integrated Process for Turbomachinery Rotor development, dynamics analysis and testing


Source: SoftInWay Inc.

March 2nd , 2017  | Start Time 10:00 – 11:00 AM EDT

Rotor-bearing systems are the most critical components of any rotating machinery. Rotor lifetime and reliability depend, first and foremost, on the level of rotor vibrations. With this in mind, in order to meet the highest requirements of reliability, each step of the rotor development process should be based on accurate rotor dynamic predictions. Frequently, the rotor-bearing systems design process can be significantly accelerated by applying an integrated approach which combines design activities with rotor dynamics analysis, bearing characteristic calculations and the full scope of structural analysis. To guarantee design reliability, each new manufactures design should be tested in regards to rotor vibrations and integrity.

This webinar will be hosted by SoftInWay Inc. in collaboration with Test Devices Inc. SoftInWay, a leading turbomachinery solutions provider, has accumulated a wealth of experience in the field of design and analysis of manifold rotor-bearing systems such as steam and gas turbines rotors, axial/radial compressors, turbochargers, pumps, generators and motors, and so on. A set of special software tools and modules for rotor design, rotor dynamics analysis and bearings calculation was developed by SoftInWay to support real engineering projects and satisfy designer and rotor dynamics analysts’ needs. Test Devices is the leader in rotational (spin) testing systems and services. For its many aerospace, aviation and power generation clients, Test Devices offers spin test services and equipment that more closely represents operational engine environments. By providing comprehensive performance evaluation to realistic engine conditions, Test Devices helps its clients effectively validate performance at a fraction of the cost of full-engine testing.

In this webinar, the whole process of rotor-bearing system design, dynamics analysis and testing of manufactured prototype will be considered. Special attention will be paid to validation against test data for micro turbine design which is provided by Test Devices Inc. The iterative rotor design and analysis process is done using the AxSTREAM Platform including AxSTREAM RotorDesign, RotorDynamics and Bearing software, which significantly accelerates the entire process.

The webinar session will include:

  • A brief introduction to rotors and bearings construction for different technical applications and their roles in the turbomachinery industry
  • Introduction to the rotor design process, rotor dynamics,  and journal bearing analysis.
  • An integrated approach to rotor-bearing system design and analysis
  • Case consideration for rotor design, dynamics analysis and testing for micro turbines
  • Program application presentation and description of capabilities and features

Who should attend:

  • Rotating machinery equipment engineers and designers interested in calculating and optimizing machine rotor dynamics and bearings
  • Engineers interested in improving machine life and performance with optimal bearings
  • Engineering students interested in the future of turbomachinery design and optimization

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