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Electrical Networks equipment for Power Distribution

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    APLUS - Measurement, Monitoring and Power Quality Analysis

    The die is cast. The APLUS is a new comprehensive unit for the universal measurement, monitoring and power quality analysis in electrical power networks. It complements the product portfolio of indicative power measurement devices with a high-end variant. The focus is on highest Swiss quality and maximum customer benefit. The device is suited for ...

  • Resident Solar Module

    It is also called On Grid electricity networking solar module. The module will be installed on the roof of residence and linked into electricity network. The excess electricity can be sold to Government with subsidy support. The resident solar module can widely spread the energy demand flow and main consideration will be installation price, space ...

    By Kenmos PV based in Tainan, CHINA.

  • On Grid Applications - Utilities

    Energy storage devices such as the SSK will play a significant role within the “Smart Grid” and renewable energy industry by providing instant on-demand distributed energy in small increments. When aggregated, the SSK will provide Multi-MW, Multi-hour service to the grid. Utility-scale SSK projects will enhance the reliability and ...

    By Catalyst Energy Technologies (CET) based in Sequim, WASHINGTON (USA).

  • Model CHP Unit - Combined Heat & Power Units With Split

    To date most of Turboden's projects are in the field of cogeneration from wood biomass. Turboden turbogenerators electric power output generally ranges between 400 kW and 2 MW. The Turboden split system allows maximising electric power production for a given biomass consumption.

  • Eocycle - Model EO20 and EO25 - Small Wind Turbines

    Our direct drive EO20 and EO25 wind turbines are equipped with a patented permanent magnet generator, fixed-pitch blades and a flexible coupling to eliminate problems related to gearboxes and blade-pitching systems. Eocycle holds patents in North America, Europe and China.

    By Eocycle based in Montréal, QUEBEC (CANADA).

  • DeWind - Model D9 Series - Wind Turbine

    In 2011, DeWind will be expanding its range of turbin by adding a new model: the DeWind 09 has a rotor with a larger diameter and higher yield. The DeWind D9 also features a comprehensive range of plant concepts to meet any grid requirements. Today‘s wind energy markets demand higher yields and greater efficiency from wind energy plants in ...

    By DeWind Co based in Irving, TEXAS (USA).

  • Hyster - Model A25-30XNT - 3-Wheel Electric Truck

    The A25-30XNT series has been designed to maneuver in the tightest of spaces and to move pallets in containers and warehouses, delivering a cost effective solution to meet the requirements of applications where space is at a premium. This series offers many functions and features, including extended shift performance settings and a high mounted ...

    By Sellers Equipment Inc. based in Wichita, KANSAS (USA).

  • Spanner - Model HKA 10 - Biomass CHP Unit

    In the field of bioenergy, our HKA 10 is revolutionary. With 9 kWel and 22 kWth, it is one of the smallest Biomass CHP of its kind. The wood gasifier and the CHP are housed in one casing. This saves space and makes the system particularly compact. Another great advantage is that the HKA 10 offers the flexibility of using various different types of ...

    By Spanner Re² GmbH based in Neufahrn i. NB, GERMANY.

  • Photovoltaic Systems

    Photovoltaic systems make the largest energy source on Earth available to everyone: sunlight. The total amount of the sun’s energy incident on the Earth’s surface is more than 5,000 times greater than our energy needs. Solar cells “capture” sunlight and convert it directly into electrical energy.On these pages, you can find ...

    By Würth Elektronik GmbH & Co. KG based in Schwaebisch Hall, GERMANY.

  • Air Bio - Model 7 630 грн - Oven Controller

    The controller allows you to control the process temperature in the industrial and semi-industrial furnaces. Full control of solid fuel feeders and self-cleaning systems. Wide setting ranges of all the controls, which makes it possible to establish optimum operating conditions, virtually all burners operating at different quality pellets. Large ...

    By LLC Bioprom Kharkiv based in Kharkov Region, UKRAINE. from Controllers for Boilers Product line

  • Isoenergy - Solar PV System

    A Solar PV system is made up of flat plate panels that have very thin layers of silicon. When the sun’s radiation hits the PV panels, they convert this solar energy into DC electricity. An invertor then converts this into AC electricity which is suitable for home appliances and export to the national grid.isoenergy are MCS accredited Solar ...

    By Isoenergy | ISO Energy Ltd. based in Horley, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Voltage Stabiliser Systems

    All mains powered electrical equipment and plant require a voltage input to be maintained within certain limits although equipment receiving voltages outside of the allowable limits may malfunction or fail prematurely. In real terms, a low supply voltage will cause malfunction and a high supply voltage, serious damage. In countries with a ...

    By Energy Ace based in Skelmersdale, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Model WMS-30kW - Grid Tie System

    Some remote areas require more water than energy. Based on this observation, Eole Water decided to develop a technology designed to provide water to areas already benefiting from a stable and reliable energy source. This led to the development of the WMS-30kW Grid Tie, which focuses on what is essential: water production.

    By Eole Water SAS based in Sainte Tulle, FRANCE. from Water Generators Product line

  • Model DDZY88 - Single-Phase Cost-Control Intelligent Meter

    Model DDZY88 single-phase cost-control intelligent meter adopts separate metering chip, simultaneous sampling live wire, neutral currents, and it has LCD, RS485, carrier waves, infrared communication and the function of remote power on-off control.

  • Peaks Eco - Biogas Energy Plant

    Peaks-eco is one of the largest suppliers of bioenergy systems in China. The expertise of Peaks-eco focuses on the technological development of the processing of biomass streams and the supply of systems for renewable energy from biomass. Peaks-eco supplies anaerobic digesters for agriculture and industry, biogas upgrading systems, biomass ...

    By Dezhou Qunfeng Machinery Manufacturing Group based in Dezhou City, CHINA. from Biogas Energy Plant Product line

  • Charge Stations

    With more than 2,500 Electric Vehicle (EV) charging stations deployed, EV Connect is one of the nationwide leaders in electric vehicle charging.

    By EV Connect based in El Segundo, CALIFORNIA (USA).

  • Sauer - Gas Turbine Power Plants

    In gas-turbine power plants, flammable gases are used to drive turbines. These turbines are in turn connected to generators which actually produce the electricity. In gas and steam combination power plants, the heat generated by the gas turbines is also used to produce steam for the steam turbines. Small gas power plants (socalled combined heat ...

    By J.P. Sauer & Sohn Maschinenbau GmbH based in Kiel, GERMANY. from Power Generation Product line

  • SkyTrakker - Local Electronics System

    SkyTrakker provides the local electronics that control and direct a trough’s movement by determining the optimal position for the collector based on calculating the sun’s position. The SkyTrakker represents a step-change in features, reliability and life-cycle costs of control units for parabolic trough power plants. SkyTrakker is a ...

    By SkyFuel, Inc based in Arvada, COLORADO (USA).

  • SOL-50 Solar-Carport a Multi-Talent

    The carport is the classic protection, electricity station and a single small power plant for the electricity feed-into the own household or public network. The SOL-50 solar carport is nearly unlimitedly expandable. It can be built up as a single, double or group carport and if desired with storage room.  The solar modules are mounted with ...

    By SEN Solare Energiesysteme Nord based in Grasberg, GERMANY.

  • Pumped-Storage Power Plants

    Pumped-storage hydroelectricity is the only economical, flexible way of storing large amounts of energy.

    By Alstom based in Saint-Ouen, FRANCE. from Hydropower Plants Product line

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