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  • Car Seat Embossing HF Welder

    Car Seat Embossing HF Welder

     Equipment Description of Car Seat Embossing Hf WelderCar Seat Embossing Hf Welder is a kind of seat cover welding machine. The two sides of the slide can be set up with three sections of adjustable time, adjustable power, and adjustable pressure. Electromagnetic radiation conforms


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  • Low Voltage Power Supplies

    Low Voltage Power Supplies

    Mini Power Pack PS300T: Ultra compact and lightweight instrument that requires the space of a DIN-A5 paper sheet. Designed for running two mini or two standard sized horizontal or vertical gels simultaneously. For maxi gels it is recommended to run one gel with this Power Pack; for blotting applications the instrument is not recommended. The integrated timer allows continuous or timed ...