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Microgrid equipment for Power Distribution

  • HISbox® - ESS-Combiner Wiring System

     Planning and manufacturing of main distributions for island, microgrid and fuel saving applications.

    By HIS Renewables GmbH based in Oberzent, GERMANY.

  • GridBank - Model GB35 & GB50 - Energy Storage Systems

    The GB35/GB50 mini Alevo ESS GridBanks are the most advanced Energy Storage Systems for the Commercial and Industrial Markets, offering the highest level of Safety, Robustness, Reliability and the lowest levelized cost of storage (LCOS). At the heart of the 35 and 50 kWh systems is Alevolyte™ – Alevo’s patented proprietary ...

    By Alevo Group S.A based in Martigny, SWITZERLAND.

  • XANT - Model L-33 - 330kW Direct Drive Wind Turbine (Typhoon Proof)

    Based on the succesfull certified platform of the XANT M (100kW), we develloped a 330kW direct drive wind turbine. As the XANT M windturbine, the XANT L is available: -/ in a stand alone tower and a guy wired tower which allows a crane-less installation. -/ with an optional concrete-less foundation.

    By XANT NV based in Brussels, BELGIUM.

  • EnWheel - Loading and High-Power Discharge System

    EnWheel brings together all the requirements for the efficient loading and high-power discharge of electrical energy at virtually any location.

    By Stornetic GmbH based in Jülich, GERMANY.

  • Fenghai - Microgrid Seawater Desalination System

    The integrated equipment of container type intelligent microgrid seawater desalination

  • Power Pallet - Model PP30 - 25kW Biomass Gasifier Genset

    The new and improved Power Pallet, model PP30, has the following improvements over the PP20 (now discontinued)* 25kW output, regardless of AC frequency* improved filtration system for easier maintenance* Grid-tie electronics (for microgrids, feed-in-tariffs and net metering) are now standard* CHP water heater, for up to 50kW thermal output in the ...

    By All Power Labs based in Berkeley, CALIFORNIA (USA).

  • Model M-Series - Intelligent Power Monitoring and Control (IPAC)

    Intelligent Power Automation Control.  Control AC Power With the Same Intelligence and Capabilities Used to Power Micro Electronics. The Intelligent Power Automation Control (IPAC) provides a grid power quality network-based power monitoring and control system. Do you have a critical location that can't operate without power? This ...

    By Extreme Endeavors & Consulting based in Philippi, WEST VIRGINIA (USA). from Monitor, Control, and Analytics Product line

  • Model GTIB-30 - Grid-Connected Inverter 30kW

    The Princeton Power Systems GTIB-30 is a 30kW grid-tied inverter that offers high efficiency, proven reliability, and unprecedented flexibility. This highly-configurable GTIB can condition power from alternative energy sources, as well as Energy Storage, various AC loads, and AC Microgrids. Ideal for back-up power at industrial and commercial ...

    By Princeton Power Systems based in Lawrenceville, NEW JERSEY (USA). from Grid Tied Inverter Product line

  • XANT - Model M-24 - Mid Size / Small Wind Turbines 95 KW Direct Drive Typhoon Proof

    The M-24 is a direct drive 95kW windturbine Class IIIA = low average windspeed and windgusts up to 50m/s Fits in only one 40 foot container Tower is available in a free standing tower and guy wired tower which has a crane-less installation Concrete-less foundation available Cold Climate package including blade heating available Hot climate package ...

    By XANT NV based in Brussels, BELGIUM.

  • Model GTIB-100 - Grid Tied Inverter (2 Port)

    Introduced in 2008, the Princeton Power Systems' GTIB-100 was the first bi-directional inverter designed for advanced batteries, solar, on-grid and off-grid applications. The GTIB-100, is our flagship product and has been chosen for best in class microgrid applications around the world for the past five years.

    By Princeton Power Systems based in Lawrenceville, NEW JERSEY (USA). from Grid Tied Inverter Product line

  • PureWave - Model SMS-250 - Storage Management System

    Scalable energy storage for utility, renewable, and microgrid energy-storage applications. Offers an outdoor three-phase four quadrant converter system dedicated to energy storage solutions requiring less than 1 MW of power 250 kW of scalable energy storage for utility, renewable, and microgrid energy-storage applications.

    By S&C Electric Company based in Chicago, ILLINOIS (USA). from Energy Storage Systems Product line

  • Model BIGI-250 - Battery Integrated Inverter (3 Port)

    Princeton Power Systems’ newest product, the BIGI-250, is a 250 kW battery-integrated inverter that comes equipped with two discrete, 250 kW DC inputs. Offering a wide input voltage range, the BIGI-250’s highly innovative design can be configured for various applications and is compatible with advanced grid communication protocols. ...

    By Princeton Power Systems based in Lawrenceville, NEW JERSEY (USA). from Other Product line

  • Smart DC Microgrid Communication

    Power Management method for DC systems using DC link voltage control as a means of communication. Simple, reliable, low cost and fast response management of DC generators and/or loads for DC grids including ARDA’s DC Microgrid Solution.

    By ARDA Power INC based in Oakville, ONTARIO (CANADA).

  • Energizr - Model 100 - Energy Storage and Energy Management System

    Energizr 100 creates a local microgrid so that grid-tied renewable energy inverters continue to generate electricity and provide backup power, even during a black-out. A single unit is capable of running most of the appliances, lights, etc. in a 1,500 to 2,500 square foot home. Multiple units can be installed to fulfill requirements of  ...

    By JLM Energy, Inc based in Rocklin, CALIFORNIA (USA).

  • Doosan PureCell - Model 400 - Fuel Cell System

    The Doosan PureCell System is a clean, reliable, cost-effective way to generate continuous energy for buildings and microgrids. No Combustion Means Simplicity. Simplicity Means Clean Reliable Operation. Fuel cells generate electricity and heat through an electrochemical process with no combustion or moving parts. This simplicity of operation ...

    By Doosan Fuel Cell America, Inc. based in Windsor, CONNECTICUT (USA).

  • Martin - Model Microgrid - Discrete Energy System

    A microgrid is a discrete energy system consisting of distributed energy sources (including demand management, storage, and generation) and loads capable of operating in parallel with, or independently from, the main power grid. The primary purpose is to ensure local, reliable, and affordable energy security for urban and rural communities, while ...

    By Martin Energy Group Services LLC based in Latham, MISSOURI (USA).

  • Martin - Island Mode System

    Island mode refers to a system that is operating independently to the utility and can also be commonly known as “off-grid” generation. A CHP system is typically interconnected to the utility and operates “in parallel” with the utility when it is healthy. When the utility fails and is “Unhealthy” a Synchronous ...

    By Martin Energy Group Services LLC based in Latham, MISSOURI (USA). from Power Generation Product line

  • Entropea - Power & Control Systems

    Entropea’s engineering team develops the architecture of the power systems to condition the electrical power output to match final utilization. A close collaboration between the departments results in optimum dedicated embedded control systems for the thermodynamic Rankine cycle. High frequency inverters are used for high efficiency energy ...

    By Entropea Labs based in London, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Microgrid System

    The microgrid system operation mode includes normal operation mode (operation mode combining wind energy with energy storage), complementary operation mode of wind energy and diesel generated energy, complementary operation mode of wind energy, diesel generated energy and energy storage, the operation mode by introducing external power.

  • Microgrids & Critical Backup Power

    Keeping the Lights On: Delivering Energy Resiliency & Independence. Our grid resilient converters integrate solar PV with batteries to deliver stable and reliable energy for both off-grid and grid-interactive applications, keeping the power on when the grid goes down, minimizing generator run-time and fuel use. Compatible with both 50Hz and ...

    By Ideal Power Inc based in Austin, TEXAS (USA). from Application Product line

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