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Power Converters equipment for Power Distribution

  • Premium

    Model V Series - Regulated, Compact Power Supply

    Advanced Energy's UltraVolt V series of regulated DC-to-DC converters provide high voltage power in a lightweight, small-footprint package that is ideal for biasing applications where PCB board space is limited.

  • DTI - Universal High Frequency Power Converter

    DTI's universal high frequency power converter architecture can be used for a wide range of applications requiring AC-to-DC and DC-to-DC power conversion. The higher control bandwidth provided by high frequency switching allows the output power to be highly regulated into nonlinear and transient loads.

    By Diversified Technologies, Inc. (DTI) based in Bedford, MASSACHUSETTS (USA). from Other Products Product line

  • Model nED100 - Wind Turbine for Large Companies

    If your Company is sensitive to climate change and has carbon reduction and sustainability commitments, our nED100 Wind Turbine can help you meet your targets. Let us assess the possibilities our wind turbine can offer to your portfolio of installations, whether they are headquarters, manufacturing plants or retailer selling points. We will put ...

    By Norvento based in Lugo, SPAIN. from Wind Turbine Product line

  • KONreg - Model S1000 - Digital Voltage Regulator

    KONreg S1000 with its compact design, small dimensions and integrated power converter is ideal solution for brushless and small synchronous generators, motors and motor-generator sets. KONreg S1000 supports a number of communication protocols and in itself has built several communication interfaces. This kind of design in conjunction with ...

    By KONCAR - Electronics and Informatics Inc. based in Zagreb, CROATIA. from Energy - Excitation Systems Product line

  • Winergy - Wind Turbine Gearboxes

    Winergy, the global market leader, produced its first wind-turbine gearbox in 1981, and since then has continuously worked on technical and quality-related concepts. Setting the standard in the industry for combined helical and planetary stages as well as super-finishing of gears, Winergy has delivered over 85,000 gearboxes to its satisfied ...

    By Winergy AG based in Voerde, GERMANY.

  • Model HTQF 3L-0.4/200A (200 A, 400 V) - Active Power Filter

    Fractional compensation of harmonics can be set according to actual needs. Harmonic reactive compensation is equipped with 4 working modes, namely, “filter priority”, “reactive power priority”, “harmonic filter only”, “reactive power compensation only”, which can satisfy the compensation need for ...

    By Advanced Electric Systems LLC based in Kharkiv, UKRAINE. from Industrial Active Harmonic Filter Product line

  • Model MFTF - Multi-Fuel Test Unit

    The MFTF is a critical tool as Ener-Core moves beyond its initial sales and begins to deploy its broad based commercial sales and marketing expansion phase. The facility provides a rapid analysis tool both for the testing of new larger-scale Power Oxidizers for potential strategic relationships, as well as a mechanism to rapidly evaluate waste ...

    By Ener-Core, Inc. based in Irvine, CALIFORNIA (USA).

  • Dynaset - Model HPW - Hydraulic Power Washer

    DYNASET HPW Hydraulic Power Washers and Water Pumps convert the hydraulic power of a mobile machine into high pressure water. HPW has the world’s best power-to-size ratio. The design is reliable and compact piston-to-piston structure with no rotating parts unlike traditional water pumps. There are models from 10 to 200 kW with up to 1600 bar ...

    By Pumptech AS based in Stavanger, NORWAY. from Hydraulic Equipment Product line

  • Eno - Model 100 | 2,2 MW - Wind Turbine

    Highest efficiency – This is what construction and design of the eno 100 stands for. Based on the established platform of eno 92 added by a rotor diameter of 100 meters and with this about 18 % more swept area, the eno 100 combines optimally compactness, solid engineering and much increased yields. The design of eno 100 is specialy developed ...

    By e.n.o. energy GmbH based in Ostseebad Rerik, GERMANY. from Wind Turbines Product line

  • Dynaset - Model HG - Hydraulic Generators

    DYNASET HG Hydraulic Generator converts the hydraulic power of a mobile machine into electricity. HG Hydraulic Generators produce high quality electricity from 3,5 kVA up to 350 kVA for 50 or 60 Hz frequencies to power any electric appliance in mobile use.

    By Pumptech AS based in Stavanger, NORWAY. from Hydraulic Equipment Product line

  • Three Phase Frequency Converter

    GoHz solid state frequency converter is a standard AC power supply electronic device, it can simulate international standard power supplies, convert fixed AC voltage and frequency power into stable pure sine wave power by internal AC to DC, DC to AC current rectifying procedures.

    By Frequency Converter based in Chicago, ILLINOIS (USA).

  • Folinn - Model BD340 Series - Special Inverters for Variable-Frequency Power

    BD340 frequency conversion power inverter is a standard sine wave output inverter, it is mainly suitable for variable-frequency power source and emergency power supply manufacturers, the mainbody (BD330 frequency conversion power converter) is provided by our company while periphery of the inverter power is designed and produced by customer.

  • PVOne - High End Inverter

    The PVMaster III pairs efficiency in energy conversion with great userfriendliness and ease of maintenance. The PVOne as the core component of the PVMaster III is the 'heart' of this system. The power control boards are enclosed in one robust housing (PVOne) which assures fast and easy maintenance and service. Standard industry components and ...

    By LTi REEnergy GmbH based in 59423, GERMANY. from Photovoltaics Product line

  • Catalyst for Engines

    From industrial engines to commercial turf care equipment, we can provide a catalyst to treat the emissions. Despite decades of progress in engine design, non-automotive engines are still a major source of air pollution. They can be found all across the country and are used in a number of stationary and mobile applications, from supplying ...

    By Catalytic Combustion Corporation (CCC) based in Bloomer, WISCONSIN (USA). from Catalyst Product line

  • Gas Compressor Stations

    Recovered Energy Generation (REG) Solutions for Gas Compressor Stations. Ormat is the only solution provider for energy recovery systems on gas pipeline compressor stations. Our Recovered Energy Generation (REG) units convert waste heat from the exhaust of gas turbine-driven compressors into electricity for sale to local utilities or for ...

    By Ormat Technologies, Inc. based in Reno, NEVADA (USA). from Recovered Energy Product line

  • Eno - Model 92 | 2,2 MW - Wind Turbine

    With its flexible hub heights up to 123 metres and a swept rotor area of 6,764 m even at low wind speed sites the eno 92 provides for profitable yields. Optimal compatibility in all grids is ensured by the eno 92 due to its highly innovative full-power converter technology.The generator design exhibits a consequential strict avoidance of all rare ...

    By e.n.o. energy GmbH based in Ostseebad Rerik, GERMANY. from Wind Turbines Product line

  • Eno - Model 82 - 2,05 MW - Wind Turbine

    Dependable yields even at highest requirements are ensured by the eno 82 due to its highly innovative full-power converter and control technology combined with a robust, dependable machine design. Flexible hub heights starting from 58.6 metres allow for a wide range of applications. Because of its compact dimensions and its optimal component ...

    By e.n.o. energy GmbH based in Ostseebad Rerik, GERMANY. from Wind Turbines Product line

  • STI - Model CMV - Control Drive Large Enclosed Actuator

    CMV actuator is able to control final elements of modern power stations (dampers, hydraulic converters, etc.) using high power actuators to develop torque up to 20.000 Nm. In this series, the housing provides a double function of protection and bearing frame. This system assures maximum stiffness without making use of additional supporting ...

    By IMI STI based in Levate, ITALY. from Control Drive Actuators Product line

  • KONCAR - Static Excitation Systems for Medium Generators and Motors

    Static excitation system with KONreg digital voltage regulator was built around powerful, programmable processor unit, which allows the execution of regulation and control in real time, with fast response, high accuracy and reliability. The system is designed so that it can be completely customized to customer requirements, both for new facilities ...

    By KONCAR - Electronics and Informatics Inc. based in Zagreb, CROATIA. from Energy - Excitation Systems Product line

  • MODEL 5606 Battery Charger

    The Model 5606-00 Battery Charger is a quality unit that converts standard 120 VAC, 60Hz power into regulated 13.8VDC power. It is ideal for powering a wide range of equipment designed to run on 12 VDC power, primarily Store & Forward Repeaters. The Model 5606-00 features a solidstate integrated circuit which provides excellent voltage regulation ...

    By High Sierra Electronics, Inc. based in Grass Valley, CALIFORNIA (USA).

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