Power Transmission

Articles & Whitepapers

  • Supply ADSS Flat Drop Cable 12-24 fibers Self-Supporting GYFXTY

    Description:UnitekFiber supply flat drop fiber cable, this cable also can be called as a small span of ADSS fiber cable to apply in a small span of ADSS installation system. The structure of flat drop cable is central loose tube, Kevlar and glass yarn is usually used as reinforcement in the tube.

  • Low ESR Winding type series

    Low ESR Winding type series include:low esr supercapacitor, esr supercapacitor, low esr capacitor, low esr cap, cap esr, 1000uf low esr capacitor, low esr aluminum electrolytic capacitors, ...


Equipment & Solutions

  • Adsorbent Filter Cartridge

    Adsorbent Filter Cartridge

    Selexsorb GT is a patented adsorbent filter cartridge specifically designed for use with phosphate ester fluids such as AKZO Chemical`s Fyrquel. It maintains the original quality of fluids for prolonged periods, thus reducing the need for fluid changeouts and increasing equipment life. These cartridges feature metal ambients for added strength, as well as a polyester media retainer for both ...


Upcoming Events

  • Power Engineering & Smart Grid Technology 2019

    Power Engineering & Smart Grid Technology 2019

    International Conference on Power Engineering & Smart Grid Technology will be held in Tokyo, Japan during November 18-19, 2019 Power 2019 is a specially designed cluster of program that provides a common platform where in industry meets academic to discuss recent issues happening. It serves as a bridge between researchers from academia and industry enhanced by its well organized scientific ...