Adicomp s.r.l.

Adicomp s.r.l.

- Model SS - Two-Stage Screw Compressor Station



Ideal for P.E.T. and other applications this Adicomp range is the result of painstaking study and constant innovation. These compressor stations, suitable for compressing air and gases such as nitrogen, argon, methane, etc., fully comply with those applications where oil-free dried compressed air/gas is required.

These benefits can only be offered by high technology:

  • Great reliability given the absence of piston boosters
  • More economic maintenance
  • Energy saving with integrated control system
  • Low noise levels
  • Low vibration levels
  • Easy to move
  • Easy to install
  • General economic saving compared with all other systems.

  • Capacity from 3.750 to 12.500 l/min
  • Max. pressure max 42 Bar Bar
  • Power from 45 to 160 kW
  • Noise from 72 to 78 dB(A)

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