- Model Ghost Series - Enclosed Flares



The Ghost series of enclosed biogas flares is a simple and cost effective combustion solution for a variety of applications where a hidden flame is required. The superior design, high quality stainless steel construction and unmatched versatility make the Ghost Series Enclosed Flares an exceptional choice for emissions control within the biogas and wastewater industries. Additionally, each product within our Ghost line is able to perform under the harshest environmental conditions.

GHOST Biogas Series Enclosed Ground Flares Standard Products 

  • GHOST Biogas Series AB-20 (20” Diameter by 12’ in Height) up to 2.4 MMBTU/HR
  • GHOST Biogas Series AB-100 (33” Diameter by 16’ in Height) up to 9.2 MMBTU/HR
  • GHOST Biogas Series AB-200 (47” Diameter by 20’ in Height) up to 18.4 MMBTU/HR
  • GHOST Biogas Series HTF-0.5 (24” Diameter by 21’ Height, Base Frame ~4’ X 4’) up to 1.7 MMBTU/HR
  • GHOST Biogas Series HTF-1.0 (26” Diameter by 30’ in Height, Base Frame ~5’ X 5’) up to 3.4 MMBTU/HR
  • GHOST Biogas Series HTF-3.5 (46” Diameter by 35’ in Height, Base Frame ~5’ X 5’) up to 11.9 MMBTU/HR

Key Features when considering AEREON’s Ghost Biogas Series of enclosed ground flares:

  • Small footprint, requiring minimum plot space
  • Scalable flow rates from 0-18.4 MMBTU/HR
  • 100% stainless steel construction for long service life and low maintenance cost
  • AB Series is the most economical enclosed ground flare in the industry (heat capacity per square inch)
  • Profire 2100 Control Panel
  • Profire ignition system and continuous pilot with intergraded BMS (burner management system)
  • Self Supported Design
  • High turndown ratio
  • Low operating cost
  • HTF Series is refractory lined and temperature controlled
  • HTF Series is low NOx performance (less than .012 lb/MMBTU)
  • 99% DRE (destruction and removal efficiency) on HTF
  • SCADA integration with control panel for remote monitoring
  • Optional flame deflagration arrester
  • Optional solar-powered 12-volt ignition system
  • Profire system with standard remote start/stop capabilities
  • Installation supervision
  • Commissioning and start-up support from our in-house service team 24/7/365

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