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All-Glass Vacuum Solar Collector Tube


Developed as per the national standard All-glass Vacuum Solar Collector Tube, the hemisphere emission ratio detector can carry out detection of the hemisphere emission ratio for all-glass vacuum solar collector tubes of 47mm, 58mm and 70mm in outside diameter and 1200mm, 1500mm and 1800mm in length. This detector is composed of a stainless steel cold-wall circulating water jacket, a segmented electric heating rod, a Pt100 platinum resistor and a nichrome alumino-nickel sensor and an automated measuring instrument. With auto heating and auto follow-up temperature control during measurement, the detector provides real-time indication of current and voltage of electric heating and temperature of test piece and ambient temperature, and the computer first gives a time vs. temperature change curve and then the calculation result of hemisphere emission ratio.

Equipped with an automated instrument, the detector is able to carry out automatic measurement of all data, with the computer giving real-time collection and calculation as well as the calculation result of hemisphere emission ratio. Therefore, the measured data of the detector is reliable and quick, error arising from manual operation can be avoided, and measuring accuracy for the detector has been increased.

Introduction to Solar Water Heater Detector

  1. Thermal performance test (temperature measuring system) This measuring system is composed of a platinum resistor (Pt100), multi-way collection instrument, connections, computer, printer, master radiometer, anemometer, outdoor thermometer, circulating pump, high-precision electronic balance, steel tape, level and water barrel.
  2. Pressure-tight test (suppressing device)This measuring system is composed of a manual suppressing device (including a pressure gauge), an auto suppressing device (including a pressure gauge and a water pump) and a stopwatch.
  3. Freezing resistance test Refrigerated storage test room

(Note: the above testing data as per GB/T19141-2003 Specification of Domestic Solar Water Heating Systems)

  1. Range of operating temperature 50℃~350℃, full range.
  2. Temperature sensor Pt100 platinum resistor: measurement accuracy ±0.2%;Nichrome alumino-nickel sensor: temperature accuracy ±0.4%
  3. Truth value indication of heating current and voltageIndication precision: ±0.5%
  4. Emission ratio measurement error (reliable estimate)<±6% when h≥0.50,<±30% when h≤0.15

This detector is provided with computer software for measuring control, data collection and calculation.

  1. Solar spectrum divided into seven sections, seven light sources used, more accurate than one light source in measurement.
  2. A large integrating sphere used, high accuracy, little error.
  3. Using substitution method as test method, quick measuring speed (measuring time for each sample less than 1 min), suitable for professional testing in laboratories and on-line testing on production lines.
  4. Independent testing, quick indication of results, connected to computers for communication, friendly software interfaces, materials reflection curves plotted directly.
  5. Able to test different types of samples, and preset the reflection values for 5 groups of standard samples.
  6. AM0 and AM1.5 calculating methods available, widely used. .
  7. This detector is provided with computer software for measuring control, data collection and calculation.

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