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- Capstone Micro Turbine System


It's about the size of a refrigerator and generates 30 kilowatts of electricity - enough to power a small business. The Capstone MicroTurbine is based on the same technology as a jet engine - but integrates patented air bearing and proprietary software with state-of-the-art electronics. The result: a versatile, reliable, environmentally beneficial solution for power generation that is virtually maintenance-free.

  • Peak shaving and load management - Business customers connected to the electric grid can use microturbines to reduce electric costs during periods of peak power usage. Because of the microturbine's compact size, reliability, as well as its low levels of emissions and noise, it can be installed at a number of locations that would be inaccessible to traditional generating applications.
  • Cogeneration - Microturbines produce heat that can be reclaimed for secondary uses (e.g., air or water heating or drying applications). Recycling the waste heat for productive uses significantly enhances the cost savings to small and medium-sized businesses.
  • Standby or backup power generation - Backup power generation is important to most businesses. Short-term power interruptions can result in lost sales, lower productivity and damage to inventory. The microturbine provides a reliable source of backup power for your business.

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