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- Dantian Double Membrane Biogas Holder


Double membrane biogas holder is made up of single, or double even three layers of soft high strength polyester fabric membrane material, plus a series of control components, safety components and measurement components.etc.

Normally the shape of gasholder is spherical, a small amount is a cone-shaped, capsule form, even square special shape.etc, which is suitable for all kinds of gas storage with low pressure.

As a new type of gas holder, which is becoming popular, its operation theory, shape and material are completely different from traditional steel gas holder. Double membrane gasholder is with more advantages of light weight, quick installation, low cost, easy to use, long lifetime, high safety.etc.

Chengdu AMOCO Architecture Technology Company is with 16 years of experience by using all kinds of membrane material, which is also the Editorial Board Member of  {(Membrane Material Products Standard(JG/T395-2012)^ , authorized 'CE' Certification of Double Membrane Gasholder System, and ISO9001 Certification Enterprises, Finished projects has been in every domestic provinces and municipalities autonomuous regions, as well as many overseas clients.

Dantian double membrane biogas storage system manufactured by AMOCO Chengdu Company, which can be customized different shapes, also inlet and outlet of air system, boosting system.detection system, display system, control system and alarm system .etc. can be customized, which could be meet different requirements from customers.

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