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- Model AMA Type - Dantian Double Membrane Biogas Holder


Dantian AMA double membrane biogas holder by AMOCO is worked as indenpendent gas storage system, normally hemispherical segment shape, which is also the common shape of double membrane gasholder

Relative to the other shapes, AMA double membrane gasholder is with the advantages of large storage capacity, easy installation, simple to use and maintenance, it can be installation and maintenance seperately due to independent features, so its effect to the biogas production and other system of storage is minimal.

Due to independent system, the inner pressure of AMA double membrane biogas storage system could be different from pressure inside digester tank, and to be individually set

AMA double membrane could be customized with ultra-large capacity over 10000m3 with constant voltage, which is suitable for the biogas projects with daily large volume of biogas production.

Dantian AMA Double Membrane Gas Storage System Actual Project Photos finished by AMOCO

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